Becoming dependent on ‘2 Broke Girls’, babysitting again!

It’s Monday night. You know what that means: I got to see the latest episode of “2 Broke Girls”, of which I’ve been a fan since the show’s debut. The first time I watched it, I wasn’t a huge fan of Caroline, the formerly wealthy character whose dad lost the family fortune in a Madoff-esque ponzi scheme, but she has become much more likable, proactive, and responsible in recent weeks. Now, I love more than just Kat Dennings.

In case you don’t obsessively keep up with the sitcom as I do, “2 Broke Girls” follows a pair of New York waitresses struggling to make ends meet. Kat Dennings plays Max, an irreverent, self-deprecating lower middle class server who befriends new waitress Caroline, an ex-Manhattanite who has to start working in food service as a result of her dad’s scandal. The two seemingly have nothing in common but become good friends and roommates in Brooklyn.

Riches to rags

Michael Patrick King, the guy behind “Sex and the City”, is the creator of this new program, which shows the less-than-glamorous reality of residing in the NYC area. Many girls watch “SATC” and hope to someday emulate Carrie Bradshaw. Well, the transition is unrealistic, especially if you’re young.

As Dennings’s’ character says on the show, “Everyone is broke in their twenties.” That’s especially true for New York City, so maybe Michael Patrick King is atoning for his sin of giving millions of ladies unrealistic expectations and false hopes of NYC affordability by exposing the truth of Big Apple living in “2 Broke Girls”.

I have loved “2 Broke Girls” from the start, but have a new appreciation for it now that I’m:

A. Relocating to Brooklyn

B. Watching my finances like a hawk

C. Fighting off creepers in the bad areas of NYC

A recent episode of “2 Broke Girls” features Caroline complaining that she just got cat called a million times on her three block journey to work. As I quickly learned, that’s not such an absurd claim given the heightened Brooklyn rape watch and city’s countless creepshows and muggers. Laugh if you will, but there are some rough parts to lookout for.

Once I get settled into my new digs, I’m going to start posting babysitting ads, as I’d like to pick up some cash on the weekends. Let me get one thing straight: I am in love with everything about New York City, particularly the fact that it never, ever sleeps. Really. Lyzi and I stayed out until 4 a.m. on Saturday and tons of people were still roaming the streets when the cabbie dropped me off home. There were enough folks out and about that I felt comfortable stumbling into McDonald’s for some post-drinking food. Okay, I know there is a lot wrong with what I just typed, especially since I’d only had two beers that night, but it was nice to consume some greasy food soggy fries on a whim. No matter what time of day or night, NYC will never let you down, unlike DC’s pathetic excuse for public transportation. I’m so relieved that I never have to deal with awful WMATA again.

Oh dear, I’ve gone off on a tangent, per usual. Now that we’re past that, I’ll explain more about my babysitting endeavors. I have an extensive babysitting background and would love to have some extra spending money for trips to Atlas Cafe, lunches at Pastis, bar adventures, and shows (Who wants to accompany me to “The Book of Mormon”?!), so hopefully babysitting will help do the trick.

As I wrote in the last paragraph, I have ample babysitting experience (10+ years!) and can take care of kids of all ages. I’ve done everything from diaper changes to meltdown soothing, so I’m well versed in watching younguns’. I haven’t babysat on a regular basis since high school, but always take out my nephews when I visit California. I’m going to put out some ads for babysitting, but ping me if you know of anyone who could use an extra hand.

If this helps, I also have a high tolerance for wild children, as I once babysat two little boys who chased my best buddy Lauren with butcher knives and waved dead snake skin in my face, so there’s pretty much nothing I can’t handle. That’s another blog post entirely, so stay tuned.


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