The daytime commercials I don’t miss

For the past year and a half, a string of memorable commercials have annoyed me and my former Daily Caller colleagues. We have seen these ads more times than we can count but eventually learned to laugh every time they flashed on screen. Six, eight, ten, twelve, and fourteen months passed and the hilarity inexplicably faded. I wonder why…

When I left TheDC two weeks ago, I was relieved to enter a new office that keeps the TV off. “No more obnoxious JG Wentworth singing commercials,” I thought. To my own disbelief, I miss giggling with people about the dreadfulness of these 30-second time-wasters, which served as comic relief during tense newsroom moments. I’m relieved that these ads no longer disrupt my day or distract me from writing, but I’d like to recognize them on my blog to keep the memories of office inside jokes alive.

Watch the commercials below and know that TheDC staffers have had the misfortune of seeing these ads at least a thousand times. Be thankful if you haven’t.

Worst commercials that play during work hours:

Tax Masters (This one slayed Betsi and me six times a day)

JG Wenthworth (I’ve been making fun of this since the fall 2010 interns’ tenure)

JG Wentworth (Summer 2011 intern Michael Mayday jumped out of his skin and muted the TV every time this popped on screen)

The one everyone hates but is too bashful or uncomfortable to complain about:

There are plenty more awful commercials that haunted our days. The gout ad, which features a crystallizing foot bone and has actually made me feel faint, is nowhere to be found on YouTube. Same goes for the repulsive commercial about vaginal mesh sufferers. Should I be relieved or sad that I can’t show these to you? For your sake and my own, I’m glad.


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