Junkyard or business building?

I can’t decide which of my apartment views is worse.

Until Saturday, I have a comfortable northern Virginia two-bedroom residence, which is almost completely cleared out on my end. With the wall photos taken down, my bedroom window looks much bigger and seems to offer a more generous sight of the outside world. As to be expected in a business neighborhood, I wasn’t missing much the whole time. Somehow, I never picked up on the hideousness of the business tower right next to my window. The office building leaves all its lights on, too. Not something you want to gaze at before drifting off to sleep. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll catch a person snooping around one of the rooms. It hasn’t happened yet. I hope to keep it that way.

My Brooklyn apartment window opens up to a junkyard. I keep expecting to see someone crawl out from underneath the waste. That’s not even the creepiest part. From my bed, I have a direct view of the cracked window in the abandoned building beside my apartment. Though I won’t be living in this place for long, I purchased curtains because glancing at the other window gives me goosebumps. With an imagination like mine, a minute of staring at an abandoned building will lead you to suspect it’s secretly occupied. I read far too many Stephen King novels as a kid, but there’s something fun about exploring a new apartment and neighborhood. I definitely feel good energy in the apartment and look forward to spending some more time there. I’ve never slept better in my life than on my air mattress, even though I’m chilly much of the time.

So, as I make the full transition to Brooklyn, I can’t help but decide which sight I prefer: the junkyard or the office building. One of the views is scary if you think about it for too long and the other is just boring. I’ll take the junkyard any day, especially now that it’s getting cleaned up.

In the meantime, I need somebody to hammer the rod above my windowsill. I taped the curtain, but as many of you know from elementary school trial and error experiences, such a tool is not meant to hold up heavy material. I need a strong, tall individual who isn’t afraid of heights.

Over the weekend, I hung out with relatives in northern Virginia. It was honestly the first time I’ve felt comfortable, well rested, or settled in months. With the move, I’m not in a specific place, so I almost decided against seeing my family on Friday. After all, I had tons to do. Uncle Brian, Aunt Linda, my cousins, and my grandparents calmed me down. I forgot how much I appreciate the beauty of northern Virginia in the fall, and it was great to trot around a small town again. Though I love living in NYC, the tireless city of results, it’s relaxing to slow down every once in while. The atmosphere in Leesburg is much tamer than what I’m used to. I definitely needed that. Plus, I slept for eight hours each night, a rarity for me. I’d stay there until my move-out day if I could, but there’s too much to do around here.

With my cousin's horse!

On Sunday, I’ll be out of DC for good. I can’t believe that nearly everything has been checked off my to-do list. I’ve made all the obligatory phone calls, shipped pretty much all my boxes out to New York, wiped down the counters, and made my travel arrangements. The worst is over! Maybe now I can welcome back my bubbly persona. If I ever veer away from that for more than a week, put me in my place and remind me to keep smiling. It’s the only way to go.


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