Racing to the train station, 2011 accomplishments and downfalls, 2012 goals

Hummingbird taxi service, you suck.

All right, I’m guilty of foolishness as well, so I suppose we’re even. Last night, I forgot to set my alarm for 4:25 a.m. A little less than a year ago, this was my regular wake-up time, as I began my workdays at 5:30, but it’s pretty unusual for me to get up before seven these days. Thankfully, I somehow awoke at 5:18, a solid twenty minutes after my scheduled driver was set to pick me up from my apartment. Upon tossing some shirts, my cell phone charger, and a pair of jeans into my duffel bag, I rushed outside and phoned the cab company. The cabbie showed up moments later, but boy, was I upset. I nearly missed my 6:00 a.m. train to Boston. The NYC subway system is pretty unreliable before 6 a.m. (especially if you live on the G train as I do), so I’m starting to see that transportation here isn’t as perfect as I initially thought. Of course, you’ll find fewer efficient cities than NYC, so I have little to complain about.

Except all the rain. If it’s going to be freezing outside, we may as well get some snow. I know I’ll regret saying this later, but I’m actually relieved to welcome the chilly weather. With average temperatures in the high sixties and seventies, the east coast was robbed of fall this year. The humidity and heat were obnoxious after a while. It’s fun to sport my heavy winter coat and wool scarf again.

With my cousin's horse!

As pretty much everyone in my life knows, the past two months have been a whirlwind, overwhelming, and thrilling all at once. Now that the drama of moving is behind me, I’m relaxed enough to reflect on the year as it was and list my achievements and missteps. 2011 was highly rewarding but hurled many misadventures in my direction, so here are some of the ups and downs of the year:


Ventured to Tucson, Ariz. to visit college buddies and soak up the desert to get away from DC winter.

Daily Wildcat awards banquet, May 2010.


Met Nikki Grey, my soul mate, and several other awesome Daily Caller interns.

Hanging out with Chris, with whom Nikki jokingly flirts


Ended up on Anderson Cooper’s “RidicuList.” Not a proud moment, but quite the learning experience!


Fled to Florence, Italy to see my sister. Ate tons of gelato, enjoyed many museums, rode bikes, consumed the world’s best food, hung out in the sun, read fluffy novels, and had the most amazing week ever.

Bye, Grom! 😦


Relocated to Ballston and Nikki moved back to southern California. I was a sad, directionless panda for a while.

Boyle, Nikki, and me


Visited bay area house, complained about disliking DC, annoyed mom, who was sick of my constant griping about the nation’s capital. Felt empty inside in spite of the copious amount of California burritos I consumed. Wept on my flight back to Dulles.


God intervened! I was offered an a phenomenal job in my dream city: Manhattan. Knew immediately that I had to move there.


Settled into temporary apartment, which is located near the most dangerous part of Brooklyn, but feels perfectly secure to me 🙂 Bed-Stuy, you don’t scare me! Befriended my awesome new coworkers, all of whom slay me daily with their jokes (looking at you, Elizabeth Burke!)


For December, my goal is to chill out at home for several weeks. After the greatest year of my life, I’m ready to slow down, recharge, walk my dog, scarf down more burritos, watch silly movies like “Jack and Jill” with my mother, chase my nephews around their neighborhood park, and catch up with my childhood buddies Crystal and Nikita.

Goals for 2012 and beyond include:

Writing more awesome pieces for LL

Moving with Hillary and Emily to Manhattan.

Getting published in Nerve, The Frisky, and Salon.

Having more stories of mine appear in Forbes!

Investing in a semi-chic wardrobe.

Ditching my frumpy look (I dress like that washed-out woman from “The Office” because, in the words of Miranda Priestly, I “take myself too seriously to care about the clothes on my back,” and that has to stop). With some effort, I have the potential to look nice, so it’s time to own that before I become the laughing stock of the NYC media scene.

Obtaining a gym membership (Christmas present, anyone?) 🙂

Finishing my non-fiction book, which I’ve been working on since the beginning of college.

Finding an awesome NYC yoga studio to replace Tranquil Space, my Arlington sanctuary.

Being an incredible Maid of Honor in Dyanna’s wedding.

Flying to Oregon to see Crystal’s apartment and cat.

Kicking douchebags to the curb and dating nice men for a change. I’m aware that this was a goal of mine last year, but seriously, I need to stop being such a moron when it comes to relationships. I’m beyond playing the victim and blaming men for being sleazy. I must pick better. That’s all there is to it.

Saving money for a Pomeranian, which I’ll purchase in summer 2013.


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