My appearance in ‘Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth’ video promo

As I made clear last summer, I’m a huge fan of Alexandra Robbins’s New York Times bestselling book, “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth,” and I was lucky enough to make an appearance in her video promo for the non-fiction work, which is now available on paperback.

I miss my Daily Caller Mac ❤

My former colleague Vince filmed my short speech at my Daily Caller desk back in September, so I’d like to extend my gratitude to him for accurately capturing my former work space and taking time out of his busy day to listen to me ramble about my nerdy background. Let me know what you think of the clip, and do pick up the book if you haven’t. I only wish it had been published while I was in middle school and worried that I’d never achieve happiness or acceptance. Thankfully, Rachel Simmons’s book “Odd Girl Out” got me through some tough days in high school, and she is still very active in her anti-bullying efforts, so I was never truly alone. Here’s a much-needed tribute to all the nerds out there whose differences allowed them to thrive in adulthood:

Can’t wait for the TV show to come out!


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