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In middle school, my friends and I existed solely for inside jokes. We spent the majority of our time giggling, in part because of our age but mostly as a coping mechanism. To keep our often-asinine jokes alive, we purchased a journal for documenting all our goofy conversations and experiences. The spiral notebook, which is buried somewhere in my mother’s garage, was a nice read anytime I was bored in class, needed a pick-me-up, or simply wanted to reminisce about hilarious times with friends.

If only Banters, a site for posting funny conversations among friends and colleagues, had been around back then.

My social circle would have been all over it, and we wouldn’t have had to dig around a dusty, spider-filled room to recover our amusing chats. Before I discovered Banters, I posted humorous quotes  from coworkers and friends on Twitter, which seemed like an adequate medium for recording memorable discussions, but it’s nice to have a service dedicated to “you had to be there” moments and classic one-liners. As I’ve announced several times this week, one of my new goals is to write a “How I Met Your Mother” type sitcom, and the funny things I hear people say now could ultimately be decent material for show concepts.

So, if you haven’t, check out Banters.com, friend me (because I currently have no friends on Banters, the site says this means I’m destined to die alone), and be sure to read L(L)’s interview with the company mastermind, Lauren Leto.

Sample Banters convos: