Thanks CBS for making it hard for others to watch ‘2 Broke Girls’

As you may know from some of my recent posts, I’ve become quite the sitcom addict since deciding my ultimate goal is to pen TV comedies. Unfortunately, I don’t personally own a television (I’ll get on that when I move into Manhattan), so I inevitably see my favorite programs at least a day late. The Internet and season DVDs have made it possible for me to keep up with good shows sans television, but CBS is now making it harder for me and many others to stay updated on what’s going on in “2 Broke Girls.” used to upload full episodes of “2 Broke Girls” after each airing, so imagine the disappointment of loyal viewers when the network began substituting entire episodes for clips. I know I can be a cheapskate about TVs, but I’m not the only one who was let down by this change. Here are some complaints people wrote on the show’s Facebook fanpage:

“Some people work nights and cant watch your show…so we watch it online and even help in voting for you for People’s Choice Awards so what do we get in return…YOU NOT ALLOWING US TO WATCH ONLINE! Typical CBS so lets try and fix this so I can continue to watch a show I love and you can be the #1 network that I love!”

“Why can’t I watch full episodes? I’m sad”

“Where did the full episode go? Come on did the same thing with Mike and Molly last year. I’m ready to give up on you.”

“You mean to tell me they are not doing full episodes any more? What gives? I know they have never done The Mentalist; now, 2 broke girls? I guess CBS doesn’t want us watching their shows.”

“Here we go again CBS shows about 1/2 season of something in full episodes then after everyone begins to like it suddenly there is only clips. This won’t make me go out and buy a television service. In fact it makes me determine never to watch a new show from you again.”

“Don’t be like this CBS, Let us watch full episodes online! Some day soon people will only stream shows, no more expensive cable. Get with the program make your stuff available here so people don’t go to a bootleg site.”

Many of these folks put it better than I ever could. I know CBS has to profit from “2 Broke Girls,” so why not sell the episodes on iTunes? With the decrease in TV set ownership in U.S. households, CBS can’t expect all its viewers to have boob tubes. Help us out here, CBS.

Until I can live in an apartment that can actually support a TV set (the cable in my bedroom is faulty and we have no living room, gotta love Bed Stuy rent!), I have no choice but to stop watching “2 Broke Girls.” It’s kind of a letdown. Where else am I going to find a sitcom about two broke twenty-something women residing and working in a sketchy area of Brooklyn?

When I first relocated to New York in October, “2 Broke Girls” was the only thing keeping me sane because it reminded me that I wasn’t the only young lady living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Brooklyn to save on apartment expenses. It even helped me laugh off my nerves and eventually feel comfortable and safe in Bed Stuy (knock on wood!). Thanks for taking that away from me, CBS. At least it was fun while it lasted.


53 thoughts on “Thanks CBS for making it hard for others to watch ‘2 Broke Girls’

  1. Here here!!!….why chose some shows to have online and others not, either be completely open or comeplete #%#$^&#s and show nothing online, but this 1/2 season or 1/2 our programming is BS.

  2. There were commercials when you watched it on line. Right . When i had cable , i would just fast forward thrue them. When it was on i had to sit through commercials and pay attention to them to some degree. Taking the episodes off the website makes no sense. I know alot of people who only watch tv shows from the safety of their dvd player or ( and ) from other peoples homes or ( and ) from the internet. Watching @ Broke girls on was probably giving the ad people greater access to my eyes and brain then any other medium. Nice going CBS. Yet another bad choice in a long line of bad choices. Two broke girls, ^0 Minutes and Big Bang Theory were the only shows i was interested in from your decaying, entropic, dinosaur like fading network.

  3. but!!! what do you expect from a network that brings you NCIS and NCIS LA and all the other endless craptastical used up shows that are probably only up in the ratings do to a.) their audience falling asleep and being in a coma like slumber ( too lethargic to change their ch.), b.) Serious manipulation of ratings numbers on paper, and ( this last one is a gut reaction and i have no hard evidence to support my opinion) flat out lies about what the numbers mean.

    2 Broke Girls ( not perfect by a long shot ) gave me hope for the future of tv, CBS, and sit com s in general. The frustration i feel in not getting to see it by just going to the CBS dot com and watching it there is only eased by.. well… hey whatevers on HULU plus and Netflix. The only loser in all this ( besides a great tv show and the people who were enjoying it ) is CBS. Nice going. Cbs and their choice in not airing the show on their website is like Netflix splitting their online and home services in two. It make s NO sense at all. Everyone loses.

  4. a post script.
    i confess to also enjoying How II Met Your Mother ( HIMYM )as well. But, i watched every episode of that on Netflix.

  5. We don’t have cable any longer (can’t afford it) but we do have internet. I cannot believe CBS is not airing full episodes of Two Broke Girls on-line. I’m sure there is some financial benefit for them in doing so but it makes me not ever want to watch anything from CBS–and if I ever get cable I plan to boycott CBS unless they do something about this…

  6. I found this forum on a Google search for the whole season of Two Broke Girls.

    I’ve never watched 2 Broke Girls, but I DVRd some episodes. I missed some episodes, and I don’t want to start watching them until they all become accessible.

    Will the missed episodes become available to me, or should I delete the shows from my DVR?

  7. And again the network execs do a stupid move that sends people away from their own site, and their advertisers’ commercials, and drive them to the commercial-free illegal sites. Idiots!

  8. I agree…I miss some shows so I would like watch past episodes. But couldn’t find past ones! Really stupid. Sometimes I like to watch on the shows ondemand…but not this show. Can’t tell people to watch if they never have cause not able to watch past shows

  9. With more and more people being financially unable to afford cable tv and having to rely on internet access for tv viewing it seems that CBS has lost the pulse of its loyal followers. Thanks CBS for caring about those that struggle to provide for thier families.

  10. I am unable to watch 2Broke girls on TV because of my work schedule so I just watched it online, now I have no idea what is going on how can I vote that I like something if I dont actually know whats going on

  11. Unlike most other people commenting, I was a loyal watcher of 2 Broke Girls on my Television. I didnt miss a single episode! But, the night of the finally I was unable to watch & figured I’d just watch it online later (dont have a DVR). To my dissappointment I found out I was not able to watch it online 😦 A whole season, a loyal fan, just to be screwed over at the end. Hopefully CBS notices that their watchers want to have access to their favorite shows online! (Mostly cuz I want to see that finale!!!)

  12. I agree with everyone, and what I don’t get, is why some shows have full episodes, like how I met your mother, and other’s dont? What is the sense in that? And if they have commercials online, don’t they pay the netowrk to show them? So why not have full episodes of 2 broke girls? I am a dedicated tv watcher, but the night of one of the episodes, the local weather man had to talk about a freakin storm for 2 hrs instead of showing 2 broke girls, even after the storm was not even close to our area. I was livid. So I went to my computer to watch it, and alas, nothing but stupd ass clips!!!

  13. I soooo agree with Jessi. The one night I miss it is the season finale and I was completely surprised to be screwed over by not being able to watch the show on line.

  14. OK, so, it’s a show about broke girls.. But they expect their target demographic (broke girls) to have tv’s and cable..??? I would rather pay $1.99 per episode than pay $120/mo. for cable AND have to give up my night job on Monday nights just to watch.
    Hello CBS??? Have you paid ANY attention to who may be (or wanting to be) watching your show?

  15. I too am not able to watch on Mondays and would love to be able to see :/ Please CBS play full episodes!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  16. This is really such a stupid marketing plan. Word of mouth is what gets people to watch a show. When they can’t watch it either online or even On Demand, they don’t bother. This is how you LOSE fans not get them. It’s just amazing to me that CBS chooses to make this show so inassessible to their audience. It’s a good way to lose an audience.

  17. @Nahshon…Two Broke Girls is not on Hulu Plus. In fact, there are no CBS shows on Hulu Plus. Last night, I TIVOd Two Broke Girls and it was preempted by the US Open. So after waiting all summer for an episode that I missed, I couldn’t watch it or find it on Bummer 😦

  18. This CBS policy guarantees that the show will be pirated on a much larger scale than other legally obtainable shows. I would be more than happy to drop 3 bucks for an HD episode from iTunes. I already do this for nearly a dozen shows already. I missed last weeks episode and there isn’t a single legal way to watch it. CBS doesn’t want my money? Fine. I’ll do what I have to do to watch because there is no other choice.

  19. Why do they do this? I can’t always watch the show, and I have no way to record it. I expect commercials if I watch online, so isn’t that good enough? I won’t do ppv, either. One would think viewership online would be important to them. All this does is drive me to a competitor. That’s bad business, and I would hope they could figure that out. Viewership is money, and money talks, yes?

  20. I thought I was the only one!! Why remove full episodes? I wanted to watch Mondays since my little 8 yr old did a mimic of one of the scenes. Now relatives can’t get the whole funny reason he did his little video. Oh well grandma and grandpa, Better start watching other shows so you can see the grandson do his acting for you!!

  21. seriously cbs is gettin like all the other stations cheap!!! apparently they don’t want us watchin that bad now how am i going to watch the one i missed on oct. 8. i think maybe i will just stop watchin tv all together cuz u can’t watch missed episodes not even on in demand

    1. I watched the pilot. It was quite gross, and so I deleted the rest of the episodes. Actually, every time I try to enjoy a sitcom, I become so offended and irritated by the characters that I end up shutting it off. I’m so glad my taste has evolved from the glorification of stupid, sleazy characters.

      The one show I like on CBS is Judge Judy. She’s a riot. She puts people like that in real life in their place. 🙂

  22. I have quit reading the descriptions of new CBS shows. I don’t have dvr and you can’t catch a missed show on on demand or at so why bother. I must miss some nights so why bother starting if I will just be lost eventually.

    1. I think we should boycott CBS shows simply because if you don’t have a DVR or forget to use the one you have, you can’t catch up with shows On Demand or on I just don’t understand this.

  23. This is total crap…I do have DISH, I pay for it but sometimes shows don’t get recorded(technology isn’t perfect-go figure) and I rely on the internet to watch shows that get missed on accident. So, WTF!!!! Thanks CBS, you’re awesome.

    1. I thought I was the only one!! We should start a petition like they did for Betty White only “Hey CBS bring back Two Broke Girls full episodes on your website or we’ll boycott your television station and watch anything and everything else.”

  24. Why is it that CBS is not airing any new episodes? This Sucks….I haven’t seen a new one in weeks? What the hell is going on? Also all the other big networks put there shows on the Internet. Well CBS YOUR LOSING MONEY BECAUSE A LOT OF PEPOLE LOVE 2BROKE GIRLS, BUT YOU MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO VIEW THE SHOW!!!!!

  25. Not only can you not watch it on line but they also don’t have it on demand. I’ve been out of the country for about two months and was hoping to catch up on demand since I wasn’t able to watch it on line only to be dissapointed.

  26. It’s because CBS is ridiculously arrogant and out of touch. Honestly, all this kind of anti-customer behavior on the part of CBS does is make me watch other networks and content. There is too much good content out there for a ridiculous pattern of behavior such as that demonstrated by CBS. It’s as if they are trying to discourage viewers and reduce their overall market share. I guess if that’s what they want, I’ll be happy to oblige and go elsewhere.

  27. can anyone say “out. of. touch.” for decades, the big 3 made huge profits off of public airwaves that we’re leased to them; so tv was free. then came cable and digital and out went those old rabbit ears. a la carte cable? not on your life. wanna watch FX? then pay for 50 additional channels of shit. so, i finally said screw it. im not paying $100 a month to watch 4 good shows that will be canceled anyway based on the Neilson families (whoever they are) and the whines of A Million Moms (4 bitches in a basement somewhere.) Internet TV is where its at; we are the early adopters. what we want, when we want at a reasonable price. the old model is dead and all this penny grasping of the networks as they freak out that someone is making a cent they aren’t is just the lumbering beast in its death throes. those market shares aren’t coming back, not ever. you can be a content provider with adjusted expectations or you can go away. there’s some uber-talented, smart twenty something in a basement with a camcorder and a wicked sense of humor more than wiling to make me laugh, think, cry`for a fair wage and delighted to make his content easy to access. so..ta!

  28. It’s so frustrating to not be able to go and watch an entire season on the shows website. There are so many good show options that it is nearly impossible to watch or DVR them all but there is no way even with subscriptions to things like Hulu plus and Netflix that you can watch them all. Ratings would increase if people could go to the website and watch every episode that has aired for the season. So frustrating.

  29. So I agree with you all. I love Two Broke Girls and cannot get enough. Anyway, I have been able to keep up with the episodes on this site. No I am not a robot and no it will not give you a virus. At least it has not to me so far. Anyway, I just watched the episode from last night. 🙂 Enjoy all.


  31. look! the show is popular enough with 12 year old girls that CBS doesn’t need to make the show available in the net to bring more into the audience to finance the production in it’s air slot. I’m guessing that enough of the rest are willing to pay $2;99 per download to view it on itunes (it’s probably available on hulu plus and netflicks too… they get a cut of that action too.) Contemporary expression of capitalism IS driven by short term returns on investment. In brief, if you want to see this program, record it on dvr or catch it in broadcast time slot, or catch reruns when they’re available. For CBS the same is true of “the mentalist” and the show about the fat Chicago cop and kindergarten teacher, This is simply how it is until ratings drop-off. All behavior is driven by contingencies. the girls are cute… the brunette has a nice rack… 12 year old boys might be driving this viewing vehicle too. Greed? …Sure!

  32. I had the show on my DVR (Comcast), then it disappeared from my que at the beginning of this year (not sure why, that’s another topic with Comcast and their crappy DVR.) So, I only realized last night I’d been missing 2 Broke Girls, thought to myself, heck I’ll just catch up online. Not so fast. I even typed “having trouble watching 2 Broke Girls” and that’s how I found this blog. There are a few other ways of watching online, but oddly enough, even those avenues are turning up turds. I’ve never had such trouble watching a damn show. BTW, Big Bang Theory was also magically erased from my DVR, both CBS shows, hmmm.

  33. Very sad. Loved the show and unable to watch at the time slot on Mondays. Just got an iPad Mini and decided to catch up on the show. What a bummer. I guess it is greed.

  34. ABC let’s people watch several of their shows online and it works out great. Often times I have to work late and can’t watch the show. I don’t understand why CBS would make life so difficult for people. It would only increase the show’s popularity, and not decrease it. So, I don’t know their reasoning.

    I routinely watch Revenge, and Last Man Standing on all the time. If I miss an episode then I can watch it online.

    It’s easy to see why CBS is lagging behind the other net works. They really are out of touch.

  35. Not only ABC, but almost all the networks including cable (MTV, Lifetime, even Showtime with certain shows) stream. CBS is greedy, I dont think they are out of touch. I just wanted to give one of their new shows a chance but since I cant even catch one episode, I will skip it. I watch NBC and ABC more anyway. Thanks for streaming your shows NBC and ABC (that are better anyway), people who work and dont have DVRs appreciate it.

  36. So it is simple for me. If I can’t view it online, then I will simply never be able to watch it. Great job CBS for driving many viewers away from the show. What a way to run a network in the new millenium. Wake up!

  37. I agree, if it isn’t online, I don’t watch it. I have other things to do during prime time TV, I don’t sit down until at least 9:30 which is past the time most shows are on TV. My husband and I don’t agree on which stations to watch, so I watch last night’s programming on my ipad. I like 2 broke girls, but couldn’t watch it because of the lack of availability. Get with the program CBS.

  38. How stupid of CBS. Online is the only place where viewers have to watch the commercials and can’t fast-forward through them. You’d think their advertisers would be all about that, guess they figure they have enough money…

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