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As you may know from some of my recent posts, I’ve become quite the sitcom addict since deciding my ultimate goal is to pen TV comedies. Unfortunately, I don’t personally own a television (I’ll get on that when I move into Manhattan), so I inevitably see my favorite programs at least a day late. The Internet and season DVDs have made it possible for me to keep up with good shows sans television, but CBS is now making it harder for me and many others to stay updated on what’s going on in “2 Broke Girls.”

CBS.com used to upload full episodes of “2 Broke Girls” after each airing, so imagine the disappointment of loyal viewers when the network began substituting entire episodes for clips. I know I can be a cheapskate about TVs, but I’m not the only one who was let down by this change. Here are some complaints people wrote on the show’s Facebook fanpage:

“Some people work nights and cant watch your show…so we watch it online and even help in voting for you for People’s Choice Awards so what do we get in return…YOU NOT ALLOWING US TO WATCH ONLINE! Typical CBS so lets try and fix this so I can continue to watch a show I love and you can be the #1 network that I love!”

“Why can’t I watch full episodes? I’m sad”

“Where did the full episode go? Come on CBS..you did the same thing with Mike and Molly last year. I’m ready to give up on you.”

“You mean to tell me they are not doing full episodes any more? What gives? I know they have never done The Mentalist; now, 2 broke girls? I guess CBS doesn’t want us watching their shows.”

“Here we go again CBS shows about 1/2 season of something in full episodes then after everyone begins to like it suddenly there is only clips. This won’t make me go out and buy a television service. In fact it makes me determine never to watch a new show from you again.”

“Don’t be like this CBS, Let us watch full episodes online! Some day soon people will only stream shows, no more expensive cable. Get with the program make your stuff available here so people don’t go to a bootleg site.”

Many of these folks put it better than I ever could. I know CBS has to profit from “2 Broke Girls,” so why not sell the episodes on iTunes? With the decrease in TV set ownership in U.S. households, CBS can’t expect all its viewers to have boob tubes. Help us out here, CBS.

Until I can live in an apartment that can actually support a TV set (the cable in my bedroom is faulty and we have no living room, gotta love Bed Stuy rent!), I have no choice but to stop watching “2 Broke Girls.” It’s kind of a letdown. Where else am I going to find a sitcom about two broke twenty-something women residing and working in a sketchy area of Brooklyn?

When I first relocated to New York in October, “2 Broke Girls” was the only thing keeping me sane because it reminded me that I wasn’t the only young lady living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Brooklyn to save on apartment expenses. It even helped me laugh off my nerves and eventually feel comfortable and safe in Bed Stuy (knock on wood!). Thanks for taking that away from me, CBS. At least it was fun while it lasted.