Beautiful Brooklyn

I’ve been eagerly awaiting snow since Thanksgiving, and to my luck, I woke up to it this morning. If one thing can make Bed-Stuy look charming, it’s snow, so here are some snapshots of my lovely neighborhood. I’m finally ready to share these pictures with you, so take a good look at each one:

I love the heart-shaped outline on the car
More Brownstones...I'll live in one someday!
At Dough, my favorite Brooklyn doughnut shop.

With all the whining I do about my apartment overlooking a junkyard and abandoned building, I think it’s time to give my readers a glimpse of what that’s actually like.

This is the view from my window. I close my blinds at night to avoid staring into the window and expecting to see the face of that creepy evil woman from the “Woman in Black” trailer. 

Another good thing about snow? It blankets the junk pile I have to see everyday! Nothing could beautify the area surrounding my apartment, but snow makes everything look better. I’ve cropped out the trash pit, but here is the other abandoned building by my residence:


Mom, don’t cry! At least you have some visuals of my new home now 😀


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