Fun at the LL office

About two years ago, my mom joked during one of our mall trips, “Are you sure you’re my daughter?”

She made this comment because I was eager to flee the area upon purchasing exactly what I needed — a sweater — rather than browse several other stores for other articles of clothing. A former beauty pageant participant and Miss West Covina runner-up, my mom couldn’t figure out how she’d raised a daughter who would rather roam a library than go on a shopping spree. We were like Skeeter Phelan and her mom in “The Help.”

"The Help"

For the longest time, I was vocal about my dislike for shopping. I vowed to invest in a personal shopper upon making my first million (as if that was ever a possibility!). But moving to New York changed my perspective on appearance and clothes. I now love planning my outfits for the week, mixing and matching everything I own, and hitting up Union Square for new stuff. I’m not into designers (obviously!), but let’s just say I’ve done a decent job fooling people the past few months.

My biggest change was scrapping pants entirely. I promise you that’s not as scandalous as it sounds. Though it’s cold outside, I rarely don pants. I’m all about skirts and dresses now. You’d be surprised how warm leggings and tights are (they’ll keep you warmer than pants!), and I’ll have them on until May.

I’ll never be a fashion icon, but I’m doing my best to take after my boss Elizabeth. Here’s us at the office today:

Meeting time!

We had a big snow storm over the weekend and a surprise heat wave (fifty degrees!) today, so all the snow has since melted. 😦 Even so, here’s a snapshot of Union Square pre-sunshine:

If you’re ever looking to cheer me up, all you need to do is present me with one of these and all will be well. My colleague did so during a stressful moment last week and I instantly felt better:


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