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Two weeks from today, I’ll be covering CPAC, the annual conservative political action conference, in Washington. My political views have changed immensely in recent years and months, especially since moving to New York City and observing the shameless, disgusting spending habits and greed of northeasterners, but I’m thrilled nonetheless to reunite with friends and former coworkers. What better place for that than a nerdfest?

CPAC is going to be particularly intriguing this year. For one, Palin has finally agreed to make an appearance. Occupy Wall Street will be a hot topic — and undoubtedly criticized. There’s also that whole upcoming election to take into account. Mitt Romney, who will likely be the GOP candidate, is signed on to speak at the event (it’s unlikely that he’ll announce he’s dropping out this time around, but if he does, conservatives are most definitely screwed). Herman Cain, Andrew Breitbart, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, S.E. Cupp, Ann Coulter, and a bunch of other big name conservative commentators will be there. CPAC is a worthwhile experience no matter what your ideology, and I know I’ll come out of the experience with tons of funny stories and awesome new memories.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing all my friends again and covering the highly anticipated speeches. I’m sure a lot will go down at CPAC, too. I met some awesome people there last year and am glad we’ll have another chance to hang out. You couldn’t pay me to leave New York, but DC is home to some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had, and for that, I cannot totally poke fun at its bureaucratic vibes. Countless good memories were made here, some of which are best described in photos. Here is what I think of when DC comes to mind:

Heaven on earth

Bubble tea from Snap in Georgetown

Intern Katie and Laura, June 2011

Cupcake from Baked and Wired

Nikki and Laura

TheDC party bus

With my cousin's horse in northern Virginia!

Capitol Grounds coffee shop outside TheDC office

Daily Caller and Google party at The Poor House!

The ever ureliable metro


Outside my northern Virginia apartment

After the big 2011 snow storm

Uncle Brian and me in Virginia

With cousin Kerry

My favorite summer peeps

What pushed me through winter 2011

With Chris!

With Kate at the White House!

DC 2008

Overcrowded metro platform at Rosslyn

The view from my old northern Virginia apartment

DC snowfall!

Deserted Dulles airport at 4 a.m.

Lisa and me!

At First Friday with Joey!

Online editor BFFs!

Alec, Kyana, and me at a Daily Caller bar party!

Georgetown or Hogwarts?

Lisa, Joey, and me

With Josh and Tucci!

Daily Caller twins!


Daily Caller family!

Needs no caption 🙂