Becoming Claire Dunphy?

Modern Family group picture

I’ve made no secret of my unhealthy obsession with love for “Modern Family,” but I’ll confess I haven’t always been crazy about all the characters. Phil, Manny, and Gloria have been longtime favorites for their unusual personalities and social tendencies. I like Alex because I was a lot like her growing up. Mitch and Cam are devoted fathers, even though they could really cut down on the arguing. Jay’s no-nonsense approach to life reminds me of the way my dad ran his own household. Luke is smarter than everyone realizes. Haley thinks for herself. Then there’s Claire, who I’ve always admired but struggled to understand. Though we’re both high strung, I used to scoff anytime she’d appear on screen and talk about her daily workout regimen.

“I run eight miles a day, Phil,” she tells her husband.

He says something along the lines of, “Yeah, to keep me interested.”

Both of these comments inspired an eye roll out of me, but I mainly resented Claire for having so much free time. Of course she has time to run, I thought, she doesn’t work! Claire of course isn’t a real person, but I wasn’t crazy about the message her character sends to the world. If you’re not employed and your children are at school all day, you can exercise all you want. Meanwhile, the rest of us are too exhausted or out of shape to cart our asses to the gym once or twice a week.

Lately, however, I’ve turned into Claire Dunphy. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym, whether in yoga class, on the treadmill, or among the meaty “Jersey Shore” wannabes in the weight lifting area. In fact, I probably haven’t showered in my own apartment for two weeks because I’ve been showering in the gym facilities. It’s like I’m back in college again, and I could get used to this.  I’m turning into a gym rat and Claire Dunphy, and for now, all of that is fine by me.

Claire and Phil
Claire and Mitch

Fun fact: I’m going to be spending much of Superbowl Sunday at the gym. Don’t feel sorry for me. I detest sports and am grateful that the fitness center will be a ghost town this afternoon. What can I say, I’m an opportunist. Then I’m going to see a play with some friends, as our buddy Hillary is the stage director. Hooray for dodging the Superbowl!


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