Today in Google search terms: ‘Snooki and William Shakespeare, what are some similarities?’

It’s been a while since I’ve published a funny blog post on the bizarre Google search terms that somehow brought users to my site, so here are some of the most unusual ones that I found in my blog stats. You can find my own commentary in italics:

snooki and william shakespeare what are some similarities? (they both achieved fame. That is all)
should you watch tv at a sleepover (I’m too dated to respond to this. Why not watch the flop “Sleepover” for some answers?)
how to make slave food (um…)
braces made my face awful (me too)
can a society ben bachelor
how shallow is the bachlor
spanked and humiliated
dumbo creeper
What kind of music would carrie bradshaw listen to (Adele)
starving sudan zen
last spanking or whoopin
girls in boys toilets
why are old women so cranky (I ask myself this question on a regular basis)
creeper duffle bag
sticky bandits
longest you can go without masturbating girls
e., celebrity fotomontaze elf
jerkoffinstructor speak french
bad baggers
laura butterfly photos creeper
old nickelodeon show with burger restaurant (Good Burger, duh…)
Хилари Даф
crying whilst masturbating (what is with this pattern?!)
luke talks to jabba the hut
yoga for boys
laura donovan, chipotle (love the association)
jabba desert ship..
freckle face nude
карта нью-йорка
running at recess banned (that would be terrible! I would not have stood for that as a child)
northeast snow season doomed (yes, it is)


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