‘Let’s not talk about Reagan so much’

Today would have been former president Ronald Reagan’s 101st birthday. Granted, he died nearly eight years ago and hasn’t been president for 23 years, but conservatives continue to talk about how much they miss the Reagan era.

Ronald Reagan wearing cowboy hat at Rancho del...

Though I didn’t spend my day grieving over the late Republican politico, I resembled some of his fans this afternoon by dwelling on the past. During a phone call with my trusty pal Nikki, I went on and on about how much I miss summer 2011, which was probably one of the most exciting periods in my young adult life. I noted how much has changed since that time and said I’d like to relive all the fun I had. As much as Nikki enjoyed last summer, she believes it’s important to stay in the present.

“You know what, it’s not 2011 anymore,” she said. “Don’t be like the people who can’t stop talking about how awesome Reagan was. We get it, he did great things for our country, but it’s time to move on.”

She’s spot on. I’ve always been a bit annoyed by those who mope about Bill Clinton or Reagan no longer being commander-in-chief, and holding onto the past is no way to grow. For all I know, summer 2012 will be ten times better than that of 2011. That’s what I hope for.

Unfortunately, though, I set the bar too high on January 1. As I wrote early last month, my New Years Eve got 2012 off to an incredible start. My friends and I came out of the evening with countless hilarious stories and a stronger friendship. I assumed a phenomenal New Years would welcome a terrific year. I don’t want to speak too soon, but judging by the way this year has gone with the exception of NYE, I’m not so sure. It’s embarrassing and troubling to be ignored by people I thought were my friends, especially when I could use their company the most. I know I’m far away in more than one sense, but it’s no fun to be slighted.

On the bright side, I have a lot of support from the Internets. Betsy, who has been a faithful reader of my articles, sent me this note today: “Was just talking to Julia about you tonight and how inspired by am by all the pieces you write.” I’m happy to help, thanks for the pick-me-up.

As they say, the darkest hour is just before the dawn, and I anticipate some sunlight in the near future 🙂 Worst case scenario, I’ll bust out my sunlamp:

What pushed me through winter 2011

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