The girl on HerCampus’s rant beat bashes UA attire

Though writing for the University of Arizona newspaper remains the most rewarding journalism experience I’ve ever had, I wish I’d also contributed to HerCampus, an online magazine for college women. I would have had so much fun blogging for the publication. After all, it has a designated ranter, a beat that would have suited me well in school.

There was plenty to rant about: Tuition increases, student government’s lack of transparency, on-campus food prices and nutritional value, textbook costs, student fees, residence life, etc. I had my fair share of outrageous opinions in college, but never pertaining to clothes. I recently stumbled upon a HerCampus article blasting the girls who sport “skants” — a skirt and pair of pants together — at my alma mater.

I’ve never even heard of the combination, much less seen it at the UA, but let’s not forget that I graduated nearly two years ago. Clearly times have changed since my Kappa Alpha fangirl days (hi, Chris, Joey, Matt, and Erik!). Back when I was a student, there was a widely known movement against anyone who wore Uggs and a skirt at the same time. The argument was that we lived in the desert, where Uggs are unnecessary to begin with (but let’s not forget the 30 degree winter nights…). The contrast was too absurd for most people, but I personally couldn’t have cared less about the clothing of my classmates. I basically lived in bright-colored Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats year-round, much to the amusement of my newspaper coworkers. I probably offended a lot of people with my casual outfit selection, but I did whatever I wanted in school. It was the only time in my life in which I could fully march to my own drum without backlash.

Wearing my green sweater in the Daily Wildcat newsroom
Making pumpkins for Halloween!

With that, this young woman’s rant about the UA student “skant” fad has me fairly perplexed:

“Dear U of A, I LOL’d so hard when I found out there is actually a name for what I am about to rant to you all, my lovely readers, about…Apparently some girls think it is trendy to add extra layers and bulk to an otherwise fine outfit.”

How dare anyone be unfashionable in college, the only time in one’s life that condones sloppiness?! Don’t seize the opportunity, run away from it!

“I am sorry, but when did a classic jean and a tank top become tired?”

When it’s 70 degrees one day and 95 the next and you need to have the option to either slip out of your pants or pull off the skirt depending on the weather. This is southern Arizona.

“If you want to add individualism or flare to an outfit, there is a whole world of accessories out there for you. What ever happened to statement necklaces, belts, and what about shoes!? Must you really add a whole other article of clothing to feel satisfied when you look in the mirror?”

Haven’t you ever heard of Lady Gaga?

“If skirts are ok to wear over jeans, where will it stop? Shorts over jeans? Capris over jeans? What about leggings over jeans? I can picture it now….Sexy. -___-“

The uglier we dress, the larger your dating pool will be. You should be THANKING us.

“If you ask me, I think it is just an excuse for girls to not have to shave their legs in the spring. That is the only possible reason I can think of why someone would do this.”

You caught me. I would rather sweat like crazy in a pair of jeans than take two minutes to shave my legs every other night. It’s much easier to simply overheat. That’s why people like this style.

“Did you know it makes you look bigger?”

OMG I LOOK FAT?! Now I’m going to go vomit up my dinner, thanks for destroying my self-esteem.

“Ladies! Now would be the time to shave and do the pants off dance off. In other words, take off the jeans. If I see ANY Skants this Spring I cannot be held accountable for my actions. AKA, you’re going down. Love, Haylie”

I don’t mean to put down a fellow Wildcat by any means, but this piece is either a joke or an unflattering reflection of the UA student body. The writer of this post is probably a terrific individual, but she’s not sending a good message about our world class university by making fun of the way her classmates dress. This isn’t high school, this is college, where you’re free to broaden your horizons and mind and try new things. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Haylie: You may or may not be in Greek life, but college isn’t the time to bash people for expressing themselves and experimenting with their look.

I’d give anything to return to my sweatpants donning, blueberry scone eating routine. Was I in a sorority or a member of the UA Homecoming court? No, but I had the greatest time of my life in the Daily Wildcat newsroom, where Misha and I would frequently stuff our faces with breadsticks, Luke, Jazmine, and I would laugh up a storm every few minutes, and Anna and I would have endless conversations about the things that kept us awake at night.

Giggling with Jazmine and Luke in the newsroom!
The unstoppable trio ❤

I may have looked like a lazy Californian, but I won a lot of awards for the work I did whilst wearing lime green and magenta Victoria’s Secret sweatpants, both of which I still own and occasionally slip on during weekends in New York City. You can’t really slum it on the east coast, but you’re totally entitled to do so in Tucson, so don’t disparage those who live their college years to the fullest and abide by unconventional styles.

So, Haylie, do the UA proud and rant about something other than the unsightly attire of you schoolmates. Even at a grand institution like the UA, there’s plenty for you to take issue with, and if you need any help coming up with rant subjects, I’d be glad to give my two cents. Otherwise, read the Daily Wildcat for updates on budget cuts, campus news, etc.


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