Going on the radio tomorrow

I’m both overwhelmed and intrigued by the reception for my recent blog entry on CPAC “slutshaming,” which I adapted into a column for Townhall Magazine today. It’s also nice to see I’m not the only one who disagreed with the petty reaction to the female attire at CPAC: Towhall editor and my good friend from college, Katie Pavlich wrote a piece in “defense of women who want to look like women,” stating:

“As I said before, in defense of women who want to look like women, I for one think it’s time to embrace conservative feminism, not tear our own women apart for being attractive. Also, let’s take a look at a harsh reality. Attractive people do well on television. Not everyone gets a trophy in the category of good looking.”

Though some have said it’s time to stop talking about the way women — in particular, Hot Air’s Tina Korbe — looked at CPAC, I’m going to be discussing the problem of CPAC wardrobe police tomorrow on Clash Radio. Tune in at 11:45!


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