Is my coffee pot safe to use upon sitting in brown water for three months?

Keurig coffee maker

I am basically reunited with all my clothes, belongings, and material items.

Worry not if that sentence makes little sense to you. Many of you are aware that I relocated from DC to NYC in October, but you probably don’t know that I shipped about 65 percent of my things to my uncle’s house in upstate New York as soon as I started the moving process. I’m not totally sure why I sent the majority of my stuff  to live in his basement for four months, but I wanted as little in the way as possible for my move, and we all know what a pain it is to be governed by our belongings.

At first, I was fine without my bathrobe, Snuggie, workout gear, summer attire, and business casual wardrobe. But then the weather started warming up and reminded me that spring isn’t so far away, so I met up with my uncle this weekend to retrieve my boxes. We had a nice visit at his New York home, where my cousin, aunt, and I watched humiliating footage of me dancing to the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” soundtrack with my cousins in 1996. The clip embarrassed me, and my uncle laughed and said, “I knew you and the girls would look back on this fifteen years later and cringe.” Indeed we did. I wasn’t  shameful of my inability to dance or move with even an ounce of grace at age seven, but of my tall bird-like stature, which I still have today. Even though my pediatrician predicted I’d barely reach five feet, I’m 5’8 and actually quite displeased about my height, which I find very limiting. I chalk it up to all the milk my dad made me drink as a kid. I was never supposed to be tall, yet I am thanks to my dairy consumption. Hopefully it’ll help protect against Osteoporosis, which runs in my family.

Anyway, the video goes to show I’ve always been a lanky lady, so unless I develop some very unhealthy coffee drinking habits, I’m not going to shrink anytime soon. Hopefully I won’t grow any taller, though, as I already feel like a towering spider in heels and don’t want to freak people out more than I already do.

After the movie, I collected my boxes and brought them back to Brooklyn. It’s funny how little you actually need something when it’s out of sight. I’d forgotten about all the towels, shoes, and exercise clothes I’d stashed away. It’s nice to have my favorite articles of clothing and dishes again, even though my tiny room only feels smaller and looks messier as a result of its increase in content. Though I’ll undoubtedly be tempted to shop in the near future, I simply have no room for another t-shirt or sweater, so talk some sense into me if I mention wanting to pay a visit to Anthropologie or Banana Republic. Besides the fact that those shops are overpriced, I am lacking in storage space. I also only have 1/3 of a closet, which I share with my roommate. It really is time to move, huh?

But even with the addition of my Keurig coffee pot, my kitchen isn’t cluttered. I do, however, worry it’s unusable. Before I mailed the Keurig to my uncle, I wiped it down thoroughly and made sure the filter didn’t contain a single drop of water. Well, as I found out today, there must have been water somewhere in the contraption, as my coffee maker had droplets of foul smelling brown liquid all over it. I’m sure the Keurig is fine to use, but it’s been soaking up that visceral stuff for months, so what do I do? Though my mom paid pretty penny for that coffee maker, which she surprised me with in September, she’s such a worrier that she’d probably advise me against utilizing it.

But what is your honest opinion? If I use it, will I contract some sort of awful illness or drop dead, or will I be just fine? I mean, it smells fine for the most part, so I’d assume it’s in good enough condition to brew…Coffee savants, enlighten me.

Five K-Cups
Keurig coffee mixes

One thought on “Is my coffee pot safe to use upon sitting in brown water for three months?

  1. Well, I don’t think your gonna die from mold-tainted coffee! But to be safe I’d pour or “brew” as much boiling hot water through it for a while just to be sure. Unless there is an easy way to take it apart (and put it back together), I wouldn’t do that.

    Mainly posting this because no one else had commented on this important situation! But yea, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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