It’s beginning to look a lot like spring

Maybe I’m speaking too soon, but it appears that New York has completely cheated winter. Think I’m wrong? Well, March is nearly here and we are in the high forties and have just a handful of snowstorms under our belt this season. As that silly woman says in Miss Congeniality says, “all you need is a light jacket,” and it’s not even April 25 yet!

"Miss Congeniality"

Though I’m much less averse to bad weather as I was a year ago, I must say, it’s much easier avoiding the drama and chaos of snowstorms than having to swaddle myself in multiple layers of clothing before stepping outside.

You’ll have to excuse my language, but life has been pretty damn good lately. My friends in DC and beyond have been happy to hear that. The other day, I had a rather pleasant phone conversation with Nikki, my buddy from last last summer, and she mentioned that this was the first time since September that we’d talked like we used to. The past few months, our few and far between discussions have revolved around our stresses and personal problems, and after a while, we realized these bitchfests weren’t all that rewarding or even cathartic. Our chat the other day was great though, and I have a feeling that the majority of our future phone calls will be just as fulfilling.

This is a post of good news, so here are some cool updates from my end: I’m now working at The Jane Dough, a site in the Abrams Media network, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back in a newsroom, where I’ve always belonged. I am very lucky to be surrounded by tireless, news hungry, creative reporters again and feel I can learn a lot from each of these folks. In a nutshell, I’m home 🙂

As I wrote blogged last week, I was on Clash Radio on February 17 to discuss the CPAC dress police hoopla, so if you’d like to listen to my segment, click here and track down the 2-17-12 show. I’m towards the very end of the clip.

I promise to publish a longer post soon, but I don’t have too much to report now other than my current state of contentment, and another word on that will make you want to strangle me. So, until next time, take care and enjoy the warm weather.


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