A little more than a month ago, I went on a long rant about Pinterest, which I dubbed a “poor man’s Tumblr” that is “making us all dumber.” While I still believe the photo sharing site is an even bigger time waster than any other existing social media platform (and brings out the superficial side in all of us, including me), I commend Pinterest for brightening my spirits daily.

It probably has something to do with my overall October-March (also known as “non-summer”) mood, which has been tepid for the past few weeks. Dave Cullen’s nonfiction book “Columbine,” which is quite informative, is really weighing down my spirits. As fascinated as I am with contemporary American history, a 400+ page book on a school shooting should not be read in a single sitting, so I’ve set it down for a while to finish the Sarah Dessen novel in my book stack and seek positive media influences for the next few weeks. Pinterest cheers me up, whether with its photos of puppies, snapshots of baked goods, or pictures of clothes. The outfit posts remind me that summer is close, and my food board actually inspires me to go shopping for treats in the west village bake!

The weather is warming up in New York, but until I relocate to Manhattan and establish some roots here, I won’t feel a strong attachment to this place. Here’s what’s keeping me going until May:

Join Pinterest if you haven’t. It will calm you down a bit, and that’s saying a lot considering most forms of social media bring about unnecessary fights and drama. I’d say it’s refreshing to log onto a social media platform without having to worry about receiving creepy messages from obsessive followers or spiteful comments from random trolls. A peaceful space on the Internet, how about that? 🙂