New place, new beginnings

I’m coming up on my six month mark in New York, so it was only fitting that I moved into the city yesterday. I took to my new place immediately, even though all the changes I’ve experienced since October — two jobs and three apartments — have left me breathless and wanting something reliable to cling to. I think the new apartment, which is much more cheerful and inspiring, will do the trick. My bedroom view is also much better than that of my last place, which even the male movers commented on.

One of the movers noticed the junkyard and abandoned building outside my old bedroom and said it was a good thing I would be leaving behind these unsightly things. He said the apartment and neighborhood as a whole had an eerie feeling to it, so I’m happy to be away from it.

I plan on penning a longer entry on the matter later, but just know that life is good on the Upper East Side. As my friend Leslie, who recently traded in her Cobble Hill pad for a lower Manhattan apartment, told me last week: Living in the city makes such a big difference after you’ve resided in Brooklyn. I love that I only have to take one train to work (not the G train, might I add) and can see my friends within twenty minutes of contacting them about hanging out as opposed to an hour and a half. Getting places doesn’t have to be a big thing anymore. Good riddance.


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