‘Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23’ = story of my life

As much as I want to like upcoming HBO show “Girls,” I worry it will make me feel worse about my personal decisions than I already do (in case you couldn’t tell from the trailer, the women date selfish jerks), but “Don’t Trust the B— In Apartment 23” puts the negative experiences of living in New York in a funnier light that won’t remind me of how many loser man-boys are running around New York City.

I’ve written about the show before, but Huffington Post columnist Alexandra Gekas put it best in her recent piece, “‘Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23’ And ‘Girls’ Make Me Realize My Life Is A TV Cliché”:

New York is like that sexy guy who makes you miserable but he’s just so exciting that you can’t resist him. But after watching the new ABC show “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” and in anticipation of the upcoming HBO show “Girls,” I’ve realized that (a) I have not let myself admit just how hard it really is and (b) not only am I not alone, but there are so many of me that my life has become a television cliché.

As I wrote in another article, “Don’t Trust the B— In Apartment 23” and “2 Broke Girls” work because they actually depict what it’s like to live in New York City as opposed to “Sex and the City,” which is centered on a journalist who wears designer clothing and lives in one of the priciest neighborhoods in Manhattan. As a writer in NYC, I’ll have you know that I’m constantly in a pinch just like every other person my age, so it’s nice to find solidarity in sitcoms that have realistic plot lines. Within a week of relocating from the Midwest to NYC, the main character in “Don’t Trust the B— In Apartment 23” loses her job, her new residence, and her fiance. That’s the kind of nonsense that happens in New York. Your whole world falls apart and others step on you as you struggle to pick yourself up again. City dwellers are unkind to her and she is taken advantage of by her new roommate Chloe, who charges more than necessary for rent and indulges in walking all over the fresh Indiana meat. As I learned from a pair of movers in New York City, Chloe’s rent scam isn’t so uncommon here, so you always have to look out for people who are after your money.

Similar to Gekas, I often feel like a TV cliche, only one who watches a ton of “Gossip Girl” and spends her evenings pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest to maintain a stress-free existence outside of work:

With the recent economic disaster, the influx of eager, young upwardly-mobile women and the reality that New York City really is a place where “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” television has caught on to the fact that “Sex and the City” just doesn’t resonate anymore.

Yes. “Sex and the City” is something to work towards, but hardly representative of New Yorkers, especially young ones. The other night, I told my roommate that I often feel as if no one is truly happy in New York. Everyone is simply trying to prove something or succeed. As much fun as I have here, I literally have no idea how to smile anymore, as I kicked that habit once I realized it could invite bad company in the city. Hence, my upcoming visit to northern California is sure to restore my faith in humanity and mend my soul a little bit. Burritos, sunshine, and family time will always do the trick for me.


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