Why Ed Westwick should play Christian Grey in ’50 Shades of Grey’ film

Though I’m only halfway through “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which has been considered by some as “‘Twilight’ for grown-ups,” I have an idea of who should play Christian Grey, the S&M loving male protagonist.

Grey, who is a CEO with a flair for bondage and kinky sex, is a lot like “Twilight” hearthrob, Edward Cullen: Gorgeous, mysterious, popular, and dangerous. Similar to Cullen, Grey is a threat to the woman who fascinates him most, yet cannot stay away from her even though he knows it is not in either of their best interests. He is creepy, violent, domineering, controlling, and frightening. He actually reminds me a lot of Chuck Bass of “Gossip Girl.” I don’t know about you, but I’m on Team Chuck and Blair, which likely means I’d vote for Grey and Anastasia Steele as well as Cullen and Bella Swan. Anyway, having watched Ed Westwick thrive at the part of the wealthy, troubled, and emotionally shut off Chuck Bass for four seasons, I see a lot of Grey in the character and really think the British actor (like Rob Pattinson! Too perfect) could pull it off. Westwick has mastered the rich weirdo persona all too well and wouldn’t have to do all that much work to portray Grey. All this time, many have suggested Alexander Skarsgard, Armie Hammer, and even Ryan Gosling, but my mind is made up. Westwick is meant for “Fifty Shades of Grey”…That is, if it doesn’t interfere with “Gossip Girl” filming. Really, though, why hasn’t anyone suggested him yet? He was practically made to play Grey!

“I’m Chuck Bass”
Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Blair and Chuck
Like Steele and Grey!
But, similar to Grey, Chuck has love in his heart yet takes a long time to admit it.

“I’m Chuck Bass, bitch”:

Thankfully, I am planning on meeting the author, E.L. James at her NYC book signing tomorrow and will ask her who she would like to see in the flick adaptation. Expect a full report! Any other ideas on what I should talk to the lovely writer about?


18 thoughts on “Why Ed Westwick should play Christian Grey in ’50 Shades of Grey’ film

  1. Ian is effing hot but beyond that I don’t see him as Christian Grey.. and yes I red the book before he publicly considered playing the role. Ed on the other hand is a perfect match

  2. I completely agree!!! I was going through some younger actors I know of in my mind and then as I was watching Gossip Girl one day I was like OMG!!! DUH!!! Since then I haven’t been able to think of anyone better for the part!! Granted Chuck Bass has grown and opened up a lot and isn’t anywhere near as creepy, etc. as Christina, but Ed Westwick has the ability to bring that persona forth.

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