My pop recommendation for the day: “Satellite” by The Wanted

I’m not too sure how I feel about the apparent rebirth of boy bands, but I will admit to being a huge fan of One Direction and The Wanted. You’ve surely heard “Glad You Came” as well as news of the British-Irish group’s silly spat with Christina Aguilera, but all you really need to hear is their tune below, “Satellite.” Forget what’s on the radio. This is a must-listen.

Doesn’t it bring out the best in you? I’ll probably tire of this song by Sunday, when I’ve jogged to it at the gym a total of twelve times, but I hope it becomes my summer theme song. If only it felt like summer. I got rained on today. Why can’t New York weather just tolerable already? You’ll all curse me for saying this later, but I dream of a time in which NYC is 90 degrees year-round. Clearly, I’m living in the wrong part of the country six months out of the year. Nothing beats the restaurants here, though. Tonight, Hillary and I hung out on the Upper East Side and sipped amazing margaritas for cheap. Maya carries the best margaritas in NYC. Ironically, one of my favorite Mexican joints back home is called Maya’s. Miss the food out west a lot. Here’s what I had tonight:

I thought I spotted the “Seinfeld” restaurant, but apparently that’s in Harlem on the other side of town. Either way, here is the place I found, which works I suppose:

And that’s about as close as I’ll get to Harlem. After living in Bed Stuy, I’m done visiting sketcherific (to steal a phrase from my boss) places for a while. As Hillary noted, I have officially crossed over to the dark side and become “one of THOSE Upper East Siders.” And she’s spot on. Before moving here, I hating going above 14th Street. Now anything below 59th may as well be Texas for me. Billy Joel would be proud to have made an uptown girl out of an East Village lover. I used to frequent the LES all the time, yet I just don’t have that desire anymore. Too crowded, grimy, and quite frankly overrated. What can I say: If Blair Waldorf existed, she’d be proud. I’m like the “Gossip Girl” ladies without the glamour, amazing clothes, and trust funds. Someday. How’s that for something to work towards?

Calling on Leighton Meester and Blake Lively to give me some pointers. Thoughts, ladies? I need you, and you know you love me.

Be my friend!


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