Goofy search term round-up

Because I’m unable to sleep, I decided to revisit one of my favorite blog post series: The Google search term round-up. I find the weirdest phrases people Googled to arrive at my blog and paste each of them below. I couldn’t make these up if I tried. Here are some real winners from this week. My responses are in parentheses:

Odd Google search terms to arrive at Laura Donovan’s WordPress page:
malcolm gets boyfriend
ิีิิสำ tea
fratty meathead
phobia of stink bugs
is laura about to get ass whooping (hope not!)
psycho emails
ضمير بينوكيو
asshole college graduate
toilet male
a couple of rotten potatoes
why can,t we watchmfull episodes of person of
my former college classmates are trolls and bullies
masturbating with table edge girl (????)
optometrist sex
cheap party bus, south jersey, awesome
servant sandal
boobs pulled out
i want to fucking watch two broke girls online (me too but the jerks at the network have made that impossible)
fugly orange prom dresses
beginning bondage sex positions
swine working in the nightshift
cabbage patch junkie girls
spanked by maid
how much does lena dunham weigh
dunkin donuts florence, italy (Don’t waste your time at DD in Italy!)
my cell phone signal hurts my finger joints (me too)
laura donovan wine
popular girl cafeteria
casas terrorificas
fairly odd parents poof t-shirt
kenan thompson kel mitchell money dispute
why is blake lively such a catch (because she’s a a Godsend)


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