Why did I come out of my massage feeling worse?

Whether you know me IRL or not, you’re probably aware that I’m kind of a stressball. I’ve been told by several different people that I have the power to control an entire room with my mood. If I’m doing well, others sometimes feed off of it. If I’m nervous, everybody will know and perhaps tense up as well.

Given my daily level of anxiousness, it should come as no surprise that I’m not the easiest patient for a masseuse. I’ve also never had a massage before, so when I walked into a west village spa over the weekend for a back rub, I assumed to leave the half-hour appointment refreshed and more relaxed. Though I enjoyed the experience, I departed feeling more damaged than fixed. My neck has been sore for several days! Apparently this is normal for massage newbies, but still, I wish my masseuse had warned me this would happen. Couldn’t he have at least provided me with some after-care treatment suggestions? By the time I learned that water is crucial post-massage, I was already in excruciating pain. Awesome.

I thought this was going to be me!

So…yeah. I can’t tell whether the massage actually rid me of all the knots in my upper body or worsened them. I do know, however, that I can barely move my face. Should I go back for another round? In the words of Blair Waldorf, “I have tension,” but I worry it’ll only exacerbate under the power of a strong fellow whose finger joints crack when massaging my muscles. And yes, that happened. I hope I didn’t harm the man, although he did hurt me, so perhaps we’d be even? Maybe I just need to visit a more soothing spa next time. Does that even exist in NYC, though? No one here has spa memberships.

Maybe it is true that some people are simply too high strung for massages. If so, I’m definitely part of that circle. Joy!

Aside from the pain, all is well. Today, my roommate and I checked out Cilantro on the Upper East Side and had some awesome Mexican food and margaritas. The banana chips weren’t as bad as I anticipated, either:

Soft tacos with black beans, cilantro, and spicy chicken.

And my week instantly improved. 🙂 Nothing compares to west coast Mexican cuisine, but Cilantro’s offerings — particularly their margaritas — will do.


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