HBO’s ‘Girls just keeps getting better

Last week, I said episode six of HBO’s “Girls” was my favorite installment yet, but that honor goes to Sunday’s episode, which takes place at a huge party in Bushwick. Almost everybody seems to come out ahead in this airing — well, all but Marnie, who definitely experiences Karma threefold for mistreating ex-boyfriend Charlie.

They run into each other at the wild gathering and engage in polite conversation for a painfully awkward minute until his new groupie girlfriend pounces on him as he’s chatting with Marnie, who only now realizes she is ancient history and totally replaceable. She berates Charlie for moving on so quickly, going so far as to declare him a “sociopath.” Up until this point, we’ve seen Marnie complain about her long-term beau, who she clearly does not deserve, so I was actually glad to see her suffer over this. I hope he doesn’t come crawling back, though. She’s made it clear she’s no longer interested in Charlie, and he shouldn’t date someone who manipulates and hurts him senselessly. That said, many of us have been there. In this scenario, I’m usually the Charlie, so perhaps that’s why I have so little use for Marnie right now. She used to be my favorite character, too.

But now I think that title belongs to Jessa, another person who wows in this episode. She’s spent much of season one flirting with the father of the children she babysits, and many reviewers assumed these two would hook up sooner rather than later. It seems inevitable at the beginning of the episode, when Jessa receives a text message from an unidentified number and invites the individual over to the party. It ends up being the dad, whose wife is out of town. He talks to Jessa about the travails of being unemployed before she gets into a tiff with some other guys at the bash. This results in the dad getting physically assaulted and going to the hospital. Jessa reluctantly pats him on the back as he sobs on her shoulder, but desists the moment he asks her to spend the night with him. If she’d ever fantasized about doing this, it no longer appeals to her, as she says, “I can’t do this kind of thing anymore.” I wanted to cheer for her, but the dad unleashes his douchebag side and calls her a tease. When she says she’d like to remain friends, he tells her they were never friends and that she works for his kids.

This, I believe, is a pivotal point in the series: We’re constantly reminded that 20-something men are terrible good for nothing jerks, yet here is a married dude who should have his life together yet totally doesn’t. In this sense, Adam, Hannah’s toned hook-up buddy, is the better romantic prospect. At least he’s honest about his life…that is, when he is asked for details on it. The episode ends on a seemingly hopeful note, with Adam and Hannah apparently an official couple, yet I’m not totally convinced I want them together either. We’ll see how it goes next week, though. I’m beginning to see he’s not as awful as I initially thought. We’re also learning that Hannah is flawed in this dynamic, too. She doesn’t ask questions or take the time to get to know him, and he makes it clear that he’d like more out of their connection than to simply “fuck the dogshit out of [her]” every once in a while. Oh, good.


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