Losing all the French I ever learned

Less than two years ago, I became proficient in French. I can remember the exact moment it happened. I was in France for the second summer in a row and had finally reached a point in which I could understand every single word in the sentences of natives. Then I began guessing the meaning of phrases and words unfamiliar to me. It was awesome, even though I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. Lola’s family invited me and Angela to stay with them for a month and a half and definitely got more than they bargained for with me, but I’ll get to that shortly.

Regardless, the three of us had an awesome time in Juan-les-Pins, which was warm and beautiful for the entirety of our visit. I particularly loved the dynamic that formed between me and Angela. Given that we were -literally- around each other 24 hours a day (we shared a room), it was only fitting that we’d have an interesting rapport, and I can still say with total certainty that she is the only person I can be around every single moment of the day without ever growing irritated or in need of space. We were quite the duo and could hang out all day:

En France!
After our speedboat almost sank on the French Riviera!
During my January 2011 Tucson trip!
Angela and I were geeky tourists in France and flashed the peace sign in photos!
We love Renoir!
Angela and me in the south of France, May 2010! J’aime bien les baguettes!
France: June 2010

It was too much fun. I wish I’d appreciated my time off more rather than been so consumed with thoughts such as, “Oh crap, I just graduated college and have no job.” And as you may know from a similar situation, it’s pretty futile to search for work while traveling in Europe. Poor Lola could see the panic all over my face. I feel awful that my friends had to watch me crumble and fret away when I should have been enjoying every single moment in Cannes. When else am I going to be there again? Unless I somehow become a big star and make it to the festival for whatever reason, never. But hey, I can dream. After all, my father did propose to my mom in Nice. Maybe the same will happen to me someday…Nah! I think I’d prefer less of a cliche than to snatch an element from their story. I want plenty of stories of my own.

I’m very lucky that Lola and her entire family took me in, and I’d hope they’d visit with me again if I were to return to France. It was a blast, and they had me in stitches almost every single day. It was very generous of them to house me and Angela as well as help me with my French. I never would have reached the point I did without them. I hope to get it back someday, whatever that may take.

Here are some videos that remind me of that summer. The first is one I took on a beach in Vallauris:

Angela and I loved these two songs most:

We made fun of these songs on the Italian hotel TV:

Good times. Miss you both a lot:


Lola and me at the ’10 Starr Pass pool party

I loved puppy Dorah!


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