I’ve been reading too much Seventeen magazine to update my blog

And watching “Greek” on Netflix. After plowing through every season of “Gossip Girl” to date and growing tired of “Workaholics,” I needed a new post-work show to keep me company. “Greek” also reminds me of college, as I tuned in for the ABC drama the summer before my sophomore year at the University of Arizona. During that period, I was also preparing for sorority rush, which was a colossal waste of time, money, and energy. I truly believe the Greek system fosters amazing experiences (I loved the Kappa Alpha boys), but sororities weren’t for me — at least at my school, where they only rush during the fall so Panhellenic can snag freshmen while they’re still ignorant of house reputations.

Add to that the fact that nearly every person in my immediate family wore Greek letters and you’ve got quite a nonconforming freak. But after I told my mom about some of the BS the sororities at my school pulled during recruitment (banning water bottles in 110 degree weather because of some arbitrary rule about favoritism), she became disgusted with the institution as well. As Casey even admits in “Greek,” it’s great for “friendless freshmen.” Not so sure about anything beyond that. All right, that’s unfair, but so is the system, which was plenty unfair to a lot of good people I knew, namely its members, who dropped thousands of dollars each semester just to be part of a group. Something about that will never, ever sit well with me.

Now that you’ve read a small preview of my negative feelings towards UA sororities, you’re probably wondering why I love ABC’s “Greek.” Well, it allows me to remember the things I adored about Greek life. The KA boys made my college experience and always had my back. Higher education wouldn’t have been the same without Matt, Erik, Mike, Joey, Adam, Chris, and all the other awesome KA guys. And they welcomed me even though I rolled my eyes at the $4,000/per year sorority bill (for the record, the men didn’t even shell out a quarter of that). There was never a dull moment at the KA house, which reminds me a lot of Cappie’s fraternity. Anything to bring me back to those days.

Seventeen magazine is all right, too. Aside from being fans of recent cover girls, Sarah Hyland and Chloe Moretz, I’ve been picking up the publication to revisit its content a decade after being part of its main demographic. I mean, the audience is far younger than age 17. I’ve been wondering what they’re marketing to these young kids. Mostly beauty tips as well as a few scandalous “true life” stories, which I gobbled up every month in junior high. My family always provided me with reading materials, and they allowed me to subscribe to YM and Seventeen, both of which published lots of “real stories by real girls.” I eagerly awaited my magazines every month for those features alone, and I think it was around that time that my interest in nonfiction writing was born. Anyway, in the coming weeks I’ll devote a post to stuff I’ve learned from Seventeen magazine and you can decide for yourself whether the pub fed you the same pieces (or crap) back in your day. It’s hard to believe I quit reading it ten years ago!

Anyway, I hate to say that “Greek” is almost over for me, so what should I watch next? “Breaking Bad”? “Mad Men”? “The Client List”? Or perhaps I could just finish “Fifty Shades Darker.”

Speaking of which, I’m not entirely impressed. I can’t stop reading the series, not because it’s good, but because it’s intriguing. Even so, the main character is beginning to make me mad, and Christian Grey is just a control freak creep. He buys the company for which Anastasia works to overpower her, and when she talks about moving to another business, he says he will just purchase that one as well. I don’t know anyone who would find that flattering. That’s definitely grounds for a restraining order, if you ask me, but as we all know, I can be rather cynical and think the worst of people. It’s Monday, so that is in full effect, especially since I woke up sick and could not make it to an awesome writer’s event this evening as such. Drats!

On the bright side, I was told the office missed me today, and laugh all you want about my insecure need to broadcast that information to the world, but I was actually comforted to hear that. As you may know from some of my previous entries, New York can be a lonely place. I have plenty of friends here but we don’t see each other enough. Life would be so much easier if I had more time…

Or if I could just be Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated.” Think about it. She has a gorgeous mansion in Montecito (which Robert Ebert said is only slightly less nice than Oprah’s home), owns and runs a bakery, cooks well, has a really sweet boyfriend, is the mother of three great kids, and is really independent.

Santa Barbara home in “It’s Complicated”
“It’s Complicated” bakery

I don’t care whether this makes me an old lady: I want her life! With that, I’m going to watch “It’s Complicated” right now and pretend I’m living in Santa Barbara, where my buddy Nikki currently resides. Someday, that will be me!


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