I can’t stop watching the One Direction parody

I don’t usually care for viral online clips, but I cannot stop watching the One Direction parody music video. As much as I love the original song, this version is brilliant and incredibly amusing. I actually wanted to cut my Saturday night short so I could return home and play this for the millionth time. It’s nearly impossible for me to tire of things I love, and I can tell I’m not going to outgrow this for a long time.

Last night, my roommate and I went out to the bar right around the corner and were pleasantly surprised. I kind of want to become a regular there. Sure it’s not as exciting as some of the places in the east village, but it attracts a fairly young crowd, has a skee ball machine, and offers a free burger with any drink. Why leave uptown Manhattan ever again? When I first moved to the NYC area, I said I hated going above 14th Street, but now I dislike making the trip downtown. Too many tourists! I think I’ve been an Upper East Sider all along.

Speaking of which, I actually had a dream about “Gossip Girl” last night. Yes, I dreamed an episode in my head. Blair Waldorf’s maid, Dorota betrayed her and it was a really big letdown, as we all know that Dorota has always kind of been more of a mother to Blair than Eleanor. There’s no reason why I should be dreaming about “GG,” as I haven’t watched it in weeks, but maybe I’m already experiencing withdrawal. After all, the show ends after next season. Will Chuck and Blair finally get together? One can only hope.

Dorota and Blair

Looks as if NYC weather is finally going to remain nice, albeit a little rainy. I can deal with weekly showers and thunderstorms, but as my roommate and I said last night, we come from sunshine and constant warmth. We don’t take kindly to this wet nonsense. I’ve been spending a lot of time mulling over my future in NYC and wondering whether I can survive here past 2014. On one hand, I think I’d like to move back to good weather and heat in two years, but I also get the feeling that I’ll have adapted to New York and be too content and settled to leave by then. That works, too. The same thing happened when I started college. At first, I thought I wanted to transfer closer to home, but then I realized I’d just be starting fresh again and hadn’t given Arizona the chance it deserved, so I gave the UA another shot. It was the best decision of my life to stay in Tucson. I don’t know where I’d be today had I wussed out and returned to northern California for higher ed. Probably BSing it as a PR type somewhere in San Francisco. I love SF, but would make a terrible PR person. So cheers to sticking it out through the rough times.

Anyway, the point is that I struggle with the rain and dampness now, but will probably feel completely comfortable with NYC in two years and therefore stay well beyond that. Ideally, I’d own apartments in New York and the bay, but that’s quite a wish and expense. One step at a time.

While we’re on the topic of school, have you heard about the buzzkill commencement speaker who told all the graduating high schoolers that they weren’t special? Look, I get it. Young people these days are entitled and have been coddled all their lives, but why turn an otherwise positive milestone into a depressing event? Sure the graduates will learn soon enough that the real world can be rather unkind, but let them figure it out themselves. Can’t they enjoy graduation day without being told they may as well just give up and accept that they suck? I agree that kids these days have a lot of nerve, but this guy did not need to say this:

You’re nothing special.

Yes, you’ve been pampered, cosseted, doted upon, helmeted, bubble-wrapped. Yes, capable adults with other things to do have held you, kissed you, fed you, wiped your mouth, wiped your bottom, trained you, taught you, tutored you, coached you, listened to you, counseled you, encouraged you, consoled you and encouraged you again. You’ve been nudged, cajoled, wheedled and implored. You’ve been feted and fawned over and called sweetie pie. Yes, you have. And, certainly, we’ve been to your games, your plays, your recitals, your science fairs. Absolutely, smiles ignite when you walk into a room, and hundreds gasp with delight at your every tweet. Why, maybe you’ve even had your picture in the Townsman! And now you’ve conquered high school… and, indisputably, here we all have gathered for you, the pride and joy of this fine community, the first to emerge from that magnificent new building…

But do not get the idea you’re anything special. Because you’re not.

I believe he’s right, but why be such a grouch? I could understand delivering this to college grads, but not high school grads. Good grief.


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