Intern season is here

I’m still not convinced it’s summer, not just because the last year has been a whirlwind (complete with four different apartments and two new jobs!), but also because the weather is dreary. It hasn’t stopped raining for two months. As a crazy person who loves all things heat-related, I’m pleased with the humidity, but not the lack of sunshine hitting this tiny island. I’m considering going on a weekend getaway all by my onesie, probably to South Carolina (a colleague just went there for a couple of days and I’m insanely jealous. Besides, Charleston is amazing). It would give me something interesting to write about as well as an escape from tall buildings, bipolar weather, and mass transit. I could really use some UV rays, even though my Irish ancestors would tell me otherwise. Speaking of which, I really ought to visit the dermatologist soon. Better safe than sorry.

Preamble aside, I’ve begun to accept that it is, in fact, summer, just not the kind of summer I’m used to. I’ve looked forward to my favorite season since October, but recognize that New York is nothing like swampy D.C., which Katie calls the “land of eternal summer.” I scoffed at the comparison until I moved to the northeast and learned she was dead-on. It may be summer in NYC, but that doesn’t mean I can roam the sidewalks with a cool ice cream cone in hand as everyone else complains about the temperature.

With summer comes a large batch of interns. They all started up at the Mediaite office today and I was thrilled to feel so much energy in the newsroom. I thrive off intense working spaces, and boy will the next few months be intense. Bring it. A year ago, I couldn’t get enough of the hysterical interns at my former place of employment. I probably goofed off more than I should have during those months, but at least I came out of the experience with solid friends and tons of good memories.

Daily Caller family!
Daily Caller and Google party at The Poor House!

Each of the interns went on to do amazing things: Amanda found a full-time reporting job before graduating this spring, Liz moved up to New Hampshire to copy edit, and Nikki writes for the Santa Barbara News-Press. Everyone else is a champ and I’m so proud of them. I doubt I’ll ever get as close to a group of interns as I did with the summer 2011 kids, but I’m fine with that.


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