The bullied bus monitor video ruined my day

Most of you are aware of my views on bullying. While I think outlawing it would be extreme and difficult to monitor, I do believe schools need to do a better job enforcing punishment on bullies. Administrators were pretty incompetent and apathetic to harassment back in my day, and it looks like a lot hasn’t changed in the last decade. Teasing is much worse now, even for adults.

Yesterday I heard about the viral YouTube video of twisted demonic cretin middle school students harassing 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Huff Klein for ten minutes straight. They hurled sexually abusive, mean-spirited, disgusting, and cruel remarks at her long after she started to cry before their eyes.

At first I chose not to watch it, but caved this afternoon. Suffice it to say, the clip ruined my day. My heart broke for the poor widowed woman, who demonstrated more strength and courage than anyone else I’ve ever seen by simply sitting back and remaining calm. I don’t think I could have restrained myself or gone with the “they’re just kids” justification. No, they’re despicable monsters and I really hope the rest of their school reminds them of that until they graduate. We all know people are at their worst in middle school, but even the meanest kids I knew in junior high weren’t as vicious as the evil jerks we see in this video.

There’s nothing more sad to me than creeps going after a poor old lady, and the things they said to her were so abusive that I think they deserved a good whipping. They told her that she is so awful that all her family members killed themselves, which was especially terrible given that her son committed suicide a while back. My heart broke for this woman in a way I cannot describe. Never in my life have I felt such pain for a stranger or been so deeply disturbed by a tragedy that has befallen someone else, but this video really did that for me. I’m sad I watched it, but happy to know that an upstanding individual raised more than $250K for Karen to go on vacation. I found her on Facebook today and sent her my condolences. I cannot express how much I’m hurting for her right now. Those kids should all be expelled. As I wrote earlier, middle school kids tend to be awful, but these disgusting creatures took pre-teen bullying to a new level. It seems like she’s a fighter and doing okay, but I don’t feel ready to let this issue go. Bullying has become an out of control problem in this country and officials at the school for which Karen works have yet to penalize the bullies for their behavior. The whole country wants them to face consequences but schools just don’t care enough about the safety of their students or employees to prevent this nonsense. I’m more crushed than furious, and all I want is for Karen to be okay. Her life has been hard enough, and she absolutely did not need this to happen. I just feel sick to my stomach and really unsettled by this. That is all I’ll say on this awful story.


2 thoughts on “The bullied bus monitor video ruined my day

  1. Karen, I am so sorry that you were subjected to that. If any of them were mine I would writing this from jail. I was taught to respect my elders and I thank my mother and father for that. Obviously there isn’t a lot of happening there. We should all learn from this, young or old.

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