Old snapshot of my dad with Betty White

Going to Boston to see family for the weekend has many perks. For starters, I’m a top contender for Foursquare mayor of my grandparents’ old folks home. I’ve checked in twice and am four check-ins away from earning the crown! Who knew the social media platform has yet to woo the senior citizen community? I bet I could maintain the title for a long time.

Another upside? An unlimited supply of food (coupled with a trip to the mall). Why am I in Massachusetts right now? My mom, who lives in the bay area, decided to fly out this weekend to my dad’s mother’s house in the Boston suburbs. My sister is also here on a visit from Florence, so we’re all here for a few days. The three of us haven’t been together since last summer, when I flew to Italy to see my sis (I’d give anything to relive that vacation or return right now), so we’ve been talking a lot. I’m looking forward to having dinner with my sister in Williamsburg on Monday too. Maybe I’ll get lucky like good old Lyzi Diamond and bump into Penn Badgley there.

Anyway, I snooped around my grandmother’s guest room this afternoon and stumbled upon some pictures of my dad with Betty White and George Burns. He produced a commercial starring them following the death of Lucille Ball, and here is an example of the offset fun they had in the process:

Now you know why I’m a ginger. Mom, why couldn’t I have taken after you?
My dad is to the far left

That was back when we lived in LA. I hadn’t even reached my first birthday yet. Had I been old enough to formulate a sentence, I would have wanted to join in on the excitement or come to the set. If I remember correctly, my dad said Betty White is quite a nice and down to earth lady, but that should come as no surprise to anyone. She’s one of my favorite comedians around, and I loved her in “The Proposal.”

Hopefully I can dig up more gems tomorrow after lunch. At the moment, my mom and I are watching “Father of the Bride” and I’ve just finished the articles she forced me to read  gave me on “Worst Twitter Blunders Ever” and “How Your Desk Is Killing You.” Like I needed a reminder. Regardless, I’m not ready to head back to NYC tomorrow. Families can be intense, but a weekend with mine is too short an amount of time to catch up.


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