The only two people who still write me letters are…

My Boston grandmother, whom I visited this past weekend, and my buddy Anna from UA. I came home to a card from Anna yesterday. Before even opening it up, I had to take a picture of the envelope, which contains drawings of a few of my favorite things:

Nutella! Chipotle! Target! Starbucks! The only thing she forgot was a sundress. Next time!

Speaking of sundresses, I got an amazing new one on Elizabeth Street in Nolita yesterday. There are a lot of good shops for sundresses on that street, not to mention a Rainbow Sandals vendor. I was going to have my mom ship me a pair from Santa Cruz, but it makes more sense for me to purchase footwear here. Not sure when I’ll make back to California again, either. Hopefully sooner than later. I could really use an authentic burrito from my favorite restaurant, Little Tampico right now:

Tampico snapshot at night
Tampico snapshot at night

I may actually miss Scotts Valley’s Los Gallos more:

RIP Tucson Taqueria, which went out of business during the recession. Too many Mexican restaurants in one tiny town:

If you hadn’t already guessed, I ate Mexican food yesterday, and it simply wasn’t up to my standards. It was Chipotle, which is a decent substitute half the time, but that of course does not compare to what I’ve used to. Thankfully I’ll be in Tucson a week from tomorrow, and Nico’s Taco Shop awaits me there! I’ve tried different Mexican restaurants in New York, and while some are quite satisfying, I never walk away feeling particularly amazing. Here are the NYC Mexican joints I’ve been to, from best to worst:

Mole, Upper East Side:

Look at the shark chip to the left

Cilantro, Upper East Side:

Soft tacos with black beans, cilantro, and spicy chicken.

Rocking Horse Cafe, Chelsea:

From Rocking Horse. Yuck

One day, I’ll be able to have a California burrito whenever I please…ON the water!


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