I got a Blogger Award!

I’m the first to admit my blog is nothing special, being that it’s all about me and there’s so much more to read about on the Internet besides my trivial mishaps, but I do appreciate praise every once in a while. That’s why I’m indebted to fellow blogger/aspiring author Elizabeth, who has just given me kudos on her own site:

Laura Donovan: B/c I stumbled upon your blog and was entertained for hours about NYC, your interesting living situation (yes, I read the post about your terrible lock in Brooklyn) and you turned out to be pretty cool! 😀

Thanks for sifting through all my complaints and reading about my NYC adventures and misadventures! I couldn’t be happier about my professional life and writing achievements, so it’s pleasing to receive some encouragement from people other than friends and family. I promise to blog more — and whine a little less! Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.


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