Overheard on the New York subway: Worst boyfriend ever shouts obscenities at girlfriend

Since moving to NYC in October, I’ve seen some pretty awful things on the subway. Just a few weeks ago, a crazy man on the train tried picking fights with everyone in sight, including me, pointed to a woman and said she resembled the late Whitney Houston, chased another dude out of the car, flashed his cut up wrists at everyone, said he’d tried to kill himself, spouted racist comments, ranted about the gay parade, and barked at me for ignoring him, among many other things. Back when I was living in Hell Bed-Stuy, I witnessed a guy dump his sobbing girlfriend on the G train. On. the. G. trainI thought nothing could be worse than that, but last night’s subway experience definitely proved me wrong…and made me wish I could live on another planet.

On my way home from the gym last night, I overheard a bro-tastic popped collar kind of guy screaming at his girlfriend in the train car. She was very mild-mannered, but here are some of the things he yelled, in front of everyone, mind you:

“Everything is my f–ing fault, none of it is yours, and you treat me like I’m a f–ing child. You don’t take any f–ing responsibility, and it’s because you’re such a b–. Come on, baby, show me your tits. Of course you won’t. You’re a b–. And you want to know why? You like drama. You thrive off causing problems and making my life a living Hell.”

It was all kind of a blur, as she was quick to shove him off the train once the doors opened. I felt pretty unsafe, particularly beside the screeching bro, so I moved away from the couple a little before they left the area. No one likes a wussy guy, but any type is preferable to what I saw yesterday. Reason #500 why I refuse to converse with anyone on public transportation. Not on the lookout for a verbally and emotionally abusive boyfriend at the moment.


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