Leaving for Tucson soon, hope I don’t come home to a wet windowsill

How do you know you’re living the dream? When this is what your window looks like:

The exercise mug — which was complimentary of the ever-so-awesome New York Sports Club — is now in pieces in my apartment building garbage dump. It filled up with water overnight and fell to the ground. The AC unit of the neighbors above me is leaking into my room, and because the landlord is going to be out of town just as long as I am, no one can fix the problem for at least a week. For all I know, I’ll return from Tucson to a flooded room — or at least a moldy, damp windowsill. A few of my books and post-college journals were casualties of last night’s air conditioner downpour, so I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep them. As I told Nikita, who made one of the pretty diaries, I wanted to burn the journals to ashes immediately upon finishing them, so this could be a blessing in disguise. If only the drippings had washed away every single emotionally charged and desperate word in my notebooks. They’re all painful to read, as they flowed out of me when I had nothing to wake up for and spent hours upon hours stewing in anger at Virginia Square’s Starbucks. Glad I’ll never experience those days again — I’m nothing but busy now! For the better, might I add.

I don’t know whether the water is harmful to my health, as someone once told me it’s “nuclear,” but I’m kind of burned out from all the fretting I’ve done lately, so let’s just agree that this isn’t going to mutate me or my future babies. It does, however, look disgusting:

Keeping my fingers crossed all will be well while I’m gone for Dyanna’s wedding. The upcoming events are pretty stressful. I’ve been having all sorts of anxiety dreams. No nightmares, but anxiety dreams for sure. I dreamed that everyone forgot my birthday (which is next Wednesday/exactly ten days from now!) — even Nikki. I know that won’t happen, and birthdays aren’t really that important anyway, but these betrayal and wrong-doing dreams are getting bizarre. I promise to have a little more faith in others by my next blog post.


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