Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve just been having the best week ever

If I’m being honest, it must be said that I’m not one to deprive myself of much, but it has also been a while since I’ve felt this chipper, carefree, and bubbly. I’ve been in Tucson since Tuesday, and the sun has definitely heightened my mood. Add to that my friend’s wedding and you’ve got quite a happy camper.

Though I arrived in Arizona at 10 a.m., breakfast time, the first thing I wanted upon setting foot in Tucson was a burrito. Being the awesome friend she is, Kendra took me to Los Betos right away and I had a nice reunion with Mexican food:

I was also thrilled to step out of the airport to this:

After lunch, Kendra and I headed to campus to see how our old stomping grounds had changed. I was thrilled to spot a Daily Wildcat bin, as writing for the school paper was the best part of my college experience.

Never forget.

It was great to see Angela, my France 2010 partner-in-crime. She used to slay me with her weird stories and astonishing bad luck (she recently sprained her ankle whilst watching “My Little Pony” and once stepped on a scorpion), and nothing has changed over the past few years. Here are some pictures we took at the UA this week and snapshots of us from Cannes summer 2010:


Angela and me in the south of France, May 2010! J’aime bien les baguettes!
Angela and I were geeky tourists in France and flashed the peace sign in photos!
Our signature pose that we often did while traveling through France!


Me at Old Main with my new Pitaya dress
At UofA
Trying not to get hurt by the cactus

Kendra has been nothing but awesome this whole trip, too:

The bachelorette party was flawless. No drama, conflict, alcohol-induced illness, vomiting, or change of plans. Reza actually called me this morning to say he was impressed with the job my fellow bridesmaids and I did:

Me and the bride-to-be at the Cactus Moon
Laura and Dyanna at the end of the night. Drunk face…kinda

It was pretty late when we got to the Ritz, but we still enjoyed the gorgeous hotel. I want to have my own bachelorette party there:

Free chocolate strawberries and champagne from the Ritz
View from the resort
So beautiful

The wedding venue is just to die for as well:

That’s all for now. Just wanted to let you know why I’ve been MIA. I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be in tears when it comes time leave Tucson on Sunday. New York, you’re nothing compared to desert beauty and warmth. Sorry, but you just don’t cut it, and you never, ever will.


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