Love reading old emails from the newlyweds during the beginning stages of their relationship

I can’t stop daydreaming about the wedding I attended last weekend, so while my newlywed friends enjoy their Tahiti honeymoon, I can only read old emails from the bride and eagerly await the day she gets back from her trip and tells me all about it. I missed Dyanna a lot and couldn’t sleep yesterday, so I dug up some old Facebook messages she wrote me during the beginning stages of her relationship with Kyle, with whom she tied the knot on Friday. The messages are really cute and go to show that it’s possible to know right away that a person is the one:

“Yes, my guy is Kyle. We met up to go to Starbucks one day, which was kinda awkward and we were both SO nervous it was ridiculous. I called Johnny laughing so hard because it was just funny. I’ve gone on a ride along with Kyle, which I needed to to get an idea of how he really is. And he is the most badass cop ever. He is exactly like me, I knew after that, that I could like him back. (he kept telling me that everyone was following us around on calls to get a better look of me bc I was so hot lol) I’m just so skeptical and hes seriously the sweetest guy I’ve ever met in my entire life. Hes 100000x better than my ex. I’m SO shy and nervous and giddy when I’m around him. Its so annoying and I hate it. Lol. The night I had to deal with all my exes, kyle was so nice to me, he knew I was upset (he didnt know the story about my exes or anything) so I went to kyle’s house to watch a movie and we cuddled on the couch. He asked if he could kiss me good night and I was so fucking shy I was like no im too nervous! And I hid my face in his chest. Lolol. Im so immature. So, on Tuesday, I took the day off to go with him to get his first tattoo and he took me to his squad party/bbq thing. We spent the whole day together at the bbq, I laughed the whole time bc his cop buddies are HILAROUS. I fit right in with them bc I have the cop sense of humor. So, I ended up getting a migraine and he offered to drive my car back to where he had parked so I could rest. We decided we still wanted to hang out and we went to his place to watch a movie and talk. Btw, he has husky…shes the sweetest dog ever and my fav dog of course. Hes not a lazy bum. He has his own house, he fixed it up himself, he has like a 3 bedroom house and its really nice. So anyways, we watched the hangover bc we both love that movie and we literally kept it on all night and it just kept replaying. So we had our first little heart to heart, I had my head in his lap and he was sitting up looking down at me and I told him about my past with guys, I told him everything and he said he understood why I act the way that I do. And he told me about his past…and how he always gets fucked over. His last gf left him bc “things were going too good”. So the same shit happens to him too. We stayed up til like 6am talking and I felt so comfortable with him and he didn’t judge me at all, and I was really scared of that. So we decided to take a little nap and he asked if I wanted him to sleep on the couch and I was like no its okay we can both sleep together. I just like how he makes sure I’m comfortable and that hes not pressuring me on simple things. So we cuddled and took a little nap and woke up and I skipped class bc I just couldn’t leave and we seriously act like little kids. All I do is blush and hide my face bc all he does is tell me how beautiful I am. He makes sure that he tells me every single day. like I got a text one day, im so sorry I’m slacking today but I just wanted to let you know how amazingly beautiful you are and that I really do like you for you. Just stuff like that, it sounds cheesy but I need to hear things like that. No guy ever took the time to tell me stuff like that. He keeps telling me how much he loves spoiling his girl and how he likes the little things, bc I mentioned that I get excited over stupid things, like 1 or 2 month anniversaries. He still hasn’t even kissed me yet. I spent the night at his house and no kiss. Finally, I told him that he just needs to do it when I least expect it lol and he was like id love to but I want to respect your feelings and stuff and not make you feel pressured. Just stuff like that. I know its genuine. I’ve been feeling him out for a month or more before I finally let myself LIKE him. He is just a really good guy. He can cook, hes Italian, I saw him playing with the kids at the bbq and its sooo cute, I love watching how a guy interacts with different ages, it shows a lot. Hes close with his family and his sister. Hes just really nice. He leaves for vacation tomorrow morning so he is going to come see me at work sometime tonight and he said he has a surprise for me………soooo im kinda nervoussss lol. Its so nice to actually have someone do that stuff in return…you know? I was always the one buying shit and surprising people…”

That, my dears, is what you should aspire to have — at least I do. Kind of like how R. Kelly knew he needed out of his marriage after seeing “The Notebook” and longing for the dynamic between the two main characters. I only need to spend a couple of minutes around Dyanna and Kyle to see how little I’ve settled for and received in the past. They make each other better people, but most of all, they serve as a reminder that it’s possible to be blissfully happy. Not everyone wants the All-American love story, but it’s not dead or unattainable. Together, these two make up a silver lining, and I’m honored that they let me take part in their big day.


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