I will always have a piece of Arizona in New York City

Thanks to this guy over here. He survived quite a hectic journey from Tucson:

I still need to name the cactus. May as well call it Tucson! Speaking of cacti, I received an interesting bit of information the other day. Though I was preoccupied while Dyanna and Kyle were reciting their vows, someone told us that two doves landed on a Saguaro cactus at that very moment. Too weird! Here are a couple more snapshots of the ceremony:


I miss them so much 😦 I promise this will be my last wedding blog entry (or at least one of the last posts on the subject), but here’s a copy of the speech I delivered at the reception. I’ll upload footage of the whole thing shortly:

“Hey everyone. I’d like to say a few words about Dyanna and Kyle, two of my really close friends and favorite people. Now, I’m the only one in the bridal party speaking tonight, so bear with me if it feels a little long. But when it comes to Dyanna, I tend to be greedy. Sorry Kyle, that’s not changing.

Before I started classes at the University of Arizona in fall 2006, a string of reliable sources told me I would love every second of the experience. They basically said I’d be in love with all things college right after setting foot on campus. The problem was, I wasn’t sold on university life yet. Meanwhile, all the other freshmen seemed totally acclimated. I didn’t get it.

But one lonely Friday evening in Coronado Dorm, I stumbled upon a status update by a fellow club member named Dyanna. We hadn’t met in person yet, but had become FB friends to have a familiar face for the first club meeting of the semester. Unlike the flock of students boasting about how much they loved everything about school already, Dyanna bravely wrote that she was struggling with the transition to higher education. It was refreshing to come across someone who wasn’t interested in putting on a show. She told it like it was, and that’s the kind of friend you want to begin your adult years with. We got to talking and the rest is history.

Much to my relief, we had fun at college in no time. We attended a mind numbing political conference together our freshman year, when Dy first had exposure to my less than polite side. Though we developed connections with others at a rapid rate, we watched a lot of friends come and go, but we stuck together. Sophomore year was freeing, as we made a habit out of stuffing our faces with the most gluttonous taco salads ever made each Tuesday at the Highland Market, and were essentially incapacitated afterward. And yet we were in the best shape of our lives — thanks to our frequent visits to the gym, where we’d cringe through weight lifting sessions and inappropriately named sit ups. Maturity just wasn’t for us back then.

The next year was tough, as we were 20 and expected to act like real adults. Of course, we weren’t ready for that yet and chased trouble a lot. We fell for people who would ultimately let us down, something Kyle is incapable of doing.

We also caused trouble of our own by probing some of the unusual characters of Tucson by the UA. The volatile U-Mart employee, briefcase man (fake business man), the guy with the triangles on his car, the perpetually grumpy Cactus Grill restaurant cashier. You name the infamous Tucson character, we had a story about the person — and a hysterical one at that.

By senior year Dy had matured considerably. She made a choice to grow up and love what was good for her. She knew she just had to find it first, but she saw no reason to rush it. As the poem goes, love is patient. Love is kind. The former is most important.

Kyle, Dy and me in 2010! I’d just met him so that’s why I’m blushing  in this picture

Good things come to those who wait, and thankfully Dy didn’t have to wait long for true love to knock her off her feet. Kyle showed up at the right moment, and though she had just spent the last year and a half in a constant state of disappointment, she knew in her heart that Kyle was different and would make her happy forever. Everyone did. You’d be hard pressed to find a happier, more fun couple than Dy and Kyle, but I respect them most not because they’re great to each other, but because they’re so attentive to the people they care about. They work tirelessly and have different schedules, but make time for friends regardless. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for those they love, and that makes their own relationship all the more rewarding. They have adventures and try new things, and their three adorable dogs are equally excited about life. When you’re around Kyle and Dyanna, you know you’ll never be bored or without good stories.

Dy, I’ve known you for six years and watched you grow into a feisty young woman with big dreams and so much to offer, so its fulfilling to watch you settle down with the perfect guy for you. As I’ve said before, Kyle is proof that quality young men still exist, and you were smart and special enough to recognize one the instant you met him. I wish I knew the kind of love you have for each other, but you guys give me hope that everyone can be be blissfully happy. You’re going to continue bringing great hope into this world, and I eagerly await the day you expand your family and create even more exceptions to the rule.”

Love love love that girl. I was reading some old Facebook interactions between us — like when we first met freshman year of college — and they’re a riot. Here are a few money segments from fall 2006, if you care to read them:

From me (after being embarrassed about calling a man a f—ing asshole. Hey, I was really sweet back then and cursing was so not me!): “Haha Im such a liar, I lied because I was really humiliated. I didnt mean to sound so ignorant and insensitive and felt so bad that the guy heard. Anyway, it was me and you have definitely added to my recent vulgarity. 😉 The thing is, I NEVER swear, but when I do, all my friends laugh and say WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?! At least you’re consistent.”

From Dyanna (after I told her I was jealous that she lived in Kaibab-Huachuca (KAHU) Dorm): “omfg, you have got to be kidding me…im lucky to live in kaibab???? i effing hate it. there are a bunch of mean ass sorority bastards running around, and i just switch rooms because i had a situation happen and yeah ill have to tell you about it. but im desperately trying to leave that building. everyone i know that lives there hates it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay away from the KAHU!”

This was, of course, the aforementioned Facebook post I put on her wall following her status update of concern (confused? Read my damn speech!). It was the first Facebook note I posted on her page: “Hey, it looks like Im not the only lonely one :(”

To which she responded, “well, glad to know im not the only very conservative redhead here ahaha are u in the college republicans? if not, u should beeeeee.”

From 2006…
To 2009…
To 2011…Manning the wheel of Kyle’s truck, lookout guys!

To 2012!

With the bride

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