Just received the funniest string of emails from my mom’s mom, who resides in southern California. She checked out The Jane Dough yesterday and loved what she read:

“Forgot to mention I have been reading your columns (Shelly knows he married a liberated woman, so they won’t corrupt me any further). I probably have stretched the column’s age demographic to the max, making history. You sure do cover a wide range and I am amazed at your creativity. We will see a local preview of ‘Ruby Sparks’ on Thursday through our film group.

Happy Birthday – next year will be a quarter century like [cousin] Randi.”

She’s a riot! After I responded to her late last night, she asked me why I was still awake:

“What are you doing up at this hour? I feel like I did when I had to scold my kids…You are living and working the life that I would have loved. Keep up the good work and enjoy all your options. You have a great future ahead and your mom and I expect to be around to see it.

Love (and go to sleep).

Yeah, my family is terrific 🙂