So I have the coolest grandma ever

Just received the funniest string of emails from my mom’s mom, who resides in southern California. She checked out The Jane Dough yesterday and loved what she read:

“Forgot to mention I have been reading your columns (Shelly knows he married a liberated woman, so they won’t corrupt me any further). I probably have stretched the column’s age demographic to the max, making history. You sure do cover a wide range and I am amazed at your creativity. We will see a local preview of ‘Ruby Sparks’ on Thursday through our film group.

Happy Birthday – next year will be a quarter century like [cousin] Randi.”

She’s a riot! After I responded to her late last night, she asked me why I was still awake:

“What are you doing up at this hour? I feel like I did when I had to scold my kids…You are living and working the life that I would have loved. Keep up the good work and enjoy all your options. You have a great future ahead and your mom and I expect to be around to see it.

Love (and go to sleep).

Yeah, my family is terrific 🙂


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