Who gets Juicy Couture perfume and lotion for their birthday? This guy!

Came home to this awesome birthday gift from my roommate, who has the best job ever at a top beauty product company:

Juicy Couture!

Not to mention this:

Now I have enough perfume bottles to last me a decade. Really. You can find DKNY, Bulgari, Mariah Carey, Juicy Couture, and more in my Upper East Side bathroom, so I have no excuse to ever smell bad, not even my “no shampoo” experiment.

I was well-loved this year, but I definitely needed it this week. I’ll explain later but will say this on the matter: A recent bad dream of mine just came true. I had the nightmare right before leaving for Arizona and actually told some friends about it at the wedding. They laughed and said my anxieties trickle into my dreams. If only that were the case! I’m either psychic or just another human who sometimes encounters bad luck. Let’s go with the second one. I can live with that, and everything happens for a reason, which will soon become apparent to me. Right God? Praying a ton these days.


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