‘Gay ghetto casper’…and other weird Google search terms

It’s been a while since I posted an entry on funny Google search terms Internet users typed into their browsers to arrive at my blog, so here are the latest gems:

cute 9th grade guys
gay ghetto casper
i want to write for the university of arizona newspaper (do it! Writing for the publication was the best decision of my life)
care bears
how to respond to:how are you on this blue monday?
who would want to be a foot doctor
لقطات حميمه
can you carry a bed frame in the subway (give it a try!)
is chuck bass to short to portray christian,grey
show me a free video the pampered penny the babysitter help my 16 year old put on a pair of plastic pants
even mediocre girls get boyfriends
toning it down a notch in a relationship
feel thrilled all the time! drink coffee all the time
jerking off instructors (???)
care bears
triple axel dismount
why does my neck crack when i barely move my neck?


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