How not to start off your morning: spilling ice coffee all over the cafe floor

Dean & DeLuca in Japan
Dean & DeLuca in Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had a really bad break-up? You know, to the point where you can no longer go to the same spots you and your former flame used to frequent? I’m experiencing something similar right now…with a SoHo coffee shop. Every day before work, I grab coffee from one of three locations: Dean & Deluca (which is the best all around but crowded), Dunkin’ Donuts (the drinks are too sugary), the coffee truck (too sugary), or Miro’s Cafe. Miro’s is most convenient because it’s closest to my office, but I don’t think I can return, as I accidentally dumped ice coffee all over the floor this morning and enraged a few staffers.

I didn’t do it on purpose, but I have no excuse. I wiped down as much as I could but needed a mop, and that was where the workers came in. Naturally they weren’t pleased, and they shot me a couple of angry looks before I ducked out in shame. The same people cover the a.m. shift, so I’d be silly to show my face there again.

It’s sad, though. I really liked that coffee shop. Thankfully there are many more in SoHo.


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