Fall is actually off to a pretty amazing start

In August 2011, I had several nightmares about the conclusion of summer. One particularly awful dream involved me looking out the window of a beach house and seeing a unicorn in a snowstorm even though fall hadn’t even started yet. I feared the approach of cold weather, which essentially doesn’t go away until June. But now that NYC heat waves are out of my life and I can actually breathe on the subway platforms again, I’m pretty excited about wearing sweaters, trading in cups of iced coffee for steaming hot java, and bundling up. It helps that fall has brought about several big life changes for me, which I’ll delve into later on.

As I noted at the very beginning of the year, 2012 got off to an exceptional start for me. New Years Eve was phenomenal, and I believed the completely baseless theory that the way you spend NYE is just a preview of what the coming year holds. That definitely wasn’t the case for me…until recently. I was ready for some more excitement in my otherwise monotonous life, which was comfortable but underwhelming for far too long. When friends would ask how I was doing, I’d grow irritated and tell them not to even bother checking in with me anymore. I felt like they expected me to have this awesome, thrilling life in New York when in reality my whole existence has been devoted to work since my senior year of college. It’s a labor of love, but I’m kind of a one trick pony. When my mom said a “boyfriend would add a nice dimension to [my] life,” I laughed for ten minutes. She was right though, and while I’m still very much single, it has definitely been nice to see what this whole New York City dating thing is all about. Why did it take me so long to hop on board? Even if nothing comes about with this particular situation, I’m relieved to have finally put myself out there. A particularly heartbreaking romantic experience at the end of college shut me off to dating in any form for a little over two years. It actually took me more than a year and a half to make out with someone again, but I still viewed every guy as Satan until very recently. My roommate pulled me out of my pessimistic mindset, which she correctly stated was pushing people away from me.

“Laura, you have to exude something other than anger if you want anyone nice to spend time with you,” she said.

“But I don’t trust any guy I meet. They all have a hidden agenda.”

“And how is that attitude going to help you find the nice ones?”

Once I listened to her, good things began happening for me. Up until now, 2012 has been embarrassingly dull and anti-climatic. As they say, it’s never too late to change.

Think I’m being cryptic? Don’t worry. I’ll divulge more soon enough. Just you wait. Hey, I have to leave you hanging sometimes. How else am I going to get you to return to my blog?

Here’s something about my new life I’m happy to fill you in on: I have a new favorite coffee shop, which is so fantastic it makes me like SoHo. It’s called La Colombe, and I actually get up an hour earlier every day because I’m so thrilled about going there. The atmosphere reminds me of chill northern California coffee shops, the baristas are pleasant and happy, and the prices are competitive for NYC.

La Colombe

Yeah, I love it here.


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