That time my dog made the front page of the Fluffington Post

I’m not sure whether I’ve bragged about mentioned this before, but my pup Roxy made the front page of the Fluffington Post a couple of months ago, and God knows why it took me this long to post the screenshot:

Speaking of Roxy, I get to see her next month: I’m going home for a couple days! I haven’t seen my family in a while, so it’ll be nice to catch up with them and soak up some of the good California weather as NYC cools down. It’s pretty chilly here already, so I’ll have to pack away my sundresses soon. For once, I’m excited about east coast fall, but that could change if winter weather shows up ahead of schedule and makes everyday life a struggle. Before you know it, it’ll be too cold to text outside, although I’m told there’s a nice pair of touchscreen mittens on the market. Not that I’m considering buying them or anything…

I’m not looking forward to layering up and having to use coat check, but I’m stoked to watch “Home Alone” again. I might pop the DVD in next weekend. After all, November 1 is less than two months away, and I always get into Christmas mode the day following Halloween.

Good things are going to happen this season, I can just feel it. I even knew it last night as I trotted home in pouring rain. A terrible storm rocked the east coast, and though I prefer snow over rain, I didn’t mind the wetness yesterday. There’s a lot to be happy about, including the fact that I didn’t have to sleep under a museum awning like the guy I briskly walked past on my journey to the upper east side. It’s a shame it took me a year to finally feel totally acclimated to NYC, but now that I’m here, I think I’m here to stay for a while. Unless it breaks off and neighbors Hawaii, California isn’t going anywhere. I’ll return permanently when I am ready. For now, New York is way too fun to leave behind. I just wish my summer had been more exciting. Sure I went out a lot and had some memorable adventures with friends (namely my roommate Jen, a fun magnet), but it was underwhelming compared to summer 2011. Already, I feel like fall is better than all the seasons I’ve spent in Manhattan. I must finally be doing something right.


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