Hurricane Sandy was absolutely as scary as the news made it out to be

I’m not going to waste any time trying to come up with an interesting introduction paragraph, partially because my Internet access is limited thanks to Sandy, so here goes: yesterday was the scariest day of my life.

In the afternoon, I said Hurricane Sandy felt a lot like the “Paranormal Activity” franchise. I just kept waiting and waiting for something to happen. Once the storm made her way to the upper east side, she made quite an impact. We were hit with heavy winds a half hour before losing electricity. Then came the boom and hysterical screams. I looked out one of my windows to see tons of water and a broken wall. The cinderblock wall, which separates my building from the next door, totally fell apart. Here’s what it looked like the following day (without ten feet of water):

That was completely full of water last night. I looked out my bedroom window to see a seven foot pool of water just a few feet beneath me. I noticed a rubber ducky floating around as well as intense waves. People fled the apartment left and right, and when I looked outside, I saw it was covered in water from the east river.

This is it, I thought. Our building is going to flood and I’m going down with it. I rushed to my room to change into my rain boots, screaming for my roommate to pack her bags and join me. A friend had invited me up to Harlem, where he had power, so for a moment I thought I’d run thirty blocks up to his place and hide out.

Of course, everyone advised me against this plan, which I’d undoubtedly formulated as a result of the fight or flight syndrome. My adrenaline was going nuts though, and I couldn’t remain in my second floor apartment for another second, so I stepped outside to check out the damage. That’s how it always is with me: I need to see everything. For some reason, it feels a lot less scarier that way.

Within a half hour, the street water returned to the east river and I went out with my neighbors to the bar to charge my phone. We’re going to be without power for a week, so don’t expect to hear from me regularly. Just know that yesterday was the scariest day of my life and I’m not going to be okay with it for a long time.


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