5 less-obvious reasons why ‘Home Alone’ is awesome

Kevin in “Home Alone”

If you’ve done any exploring of my blog, you know that I have immense love for “Home Alone,” which I’ve already started watching. Most would agree it’s an entertaining movie, but I have a few less-obvious reasons as to why it’s so special. Here they are.

5. It’s pro-youngest sibling.
The “baby” of the family is often viewed as the spoiled weakling of the pack. Kevin McCallister is the exact opposite of that, as he outsmarts two dim-witted grown-up burglars and takes care of himself for a couple of days. His relatives worry he can’t survive on his own, but he’s resourceful and creative. Of course, he lacks the confidence to pack his own suitcase, prompting his cousin to call him incompetent, but he knows how to do the things that matter. This film shows that youngest siblings can absolutely hold their own in spite of what others think.

4. The score creator also made the background music for “Harry Potter”
John Williams is one brilliant composer:

3. Kevin uses technology to plot against the robbers
Kevin plays horrifying excerpts from a gangster film to scare the bad guys away, and in “Home Alone 2,” he uses his camcorder to mess with hotel employees. With iPhones and so many technological advancements now, it’s amusing to see the big inventions and tools of the early ’90s.

2. It teaches viewers to be accepting of others

Kevin is initially afraid of Old Man Marley, but the lonely senior citizen ends up rescuing him from the robbers.

1. This is how we should remember Macaulay Culkin

Not as this:


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