Getting a (semi?) necessary change of scenery for a while

If you know anything about me, you know I love the concept of “getting away” and “escaping to a faraway place to only have fun and forget about all-consuming responsibilities.” All right, sorry for going Peter Pan circa 2003 on you, there’s no need for any fairy dust or Captain Hook rants — at least not until Thanksgiving is over and I can justifiably start celebrating the holiday season. Back to the point: I normally embrace the idea of going on vacation when reality is less than awesome, and that’s partly why I’m heading to California early this year.

I was initially going to spend Turkey Day in Boston, but given some major changes that are going on in my little NYC bubble, I chose to fly home for the holiday. I should be more excited, and while I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and consuming an unhealthy amount of Mexican food during my stay, I don’t feel I need this trip as much as I needed a flight home last month. As you may know, I traveled to California in October because I hadn’t been back since March. It’s always great to return, but I’m not desperate to leave New York at moment. Even in the midst of Sandy, I wanted to be in the city — just not the embattled, defeated version we had for nearly two weeks. I missed this New York, the one we all know and love:

NYC from the top of the Hearst Tower
The Plaza in New York City

And I’m going to miss it during Thanksgiving. Guess that means I’ve found my new home! I do, however, know I’ll appreciate a break from 40 degree weather.


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