‘How come your phone doesn’t have ears on it? My last babysitter’s phone had ears’

The wondrously adorable and curious 4-year-old for whom I babysit asked me this question after school today. His class lets out in the late afternoon, and I showed up ten minutes ahead of time because I was always the last kid picked up from daycare growing up and the experience was awful on so many levels — not that I’m bitter or harboring decades-old resentment or anything…

Anyway, he rushed over to me the moment I arrived, giving his teachers something to smile about.

“He literally runs to you, and he never did that with the last nanny,” they said.

That’s a good start, right? He’s a terrific, polite, and precocious little boy, and I’m lucky to watch him during the week. At the beginning of the day, he said he wanted to go to Madison Square Park, which was quite a trek from where we were, so I whipped out my phone and suggested we select a park closer to our location. That was when he popped the ears question, which is just so telling of his generation. Not him, though, as he’s not big on technology. At any rate, maybe I should get on the iPhone ears bandwagon. It seems to be in right now, and a little trendiness couldn’t hurt me.

Another thing I’m considering is going back to my natural hair color: red. New friends assume I’m blond, but I was born with orange locks, and those who have seen old photographs of me claim I look better in my natural state. I get full highlights every six weeks but am beginning to think that won’t be necessary anymore. Let’s take a vote. What do you think suits me best: my natural shade of red or strawberry blond?



Junior year


Since 2006!
My hipster bangs and I loved the apartment chocolate fountain.


Daily Wildcat awards banquet, May 2010.
Angela and me in the south of France, May 2010! J’aime bien les baguettes!


Nephew Sawyer and me, Thanksgiving 2008!
Crystal, Nikita, and me!





From left: Lauren, Nikita, Crystal, and me


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