‘Laura Donovan makes Santa Clause figurines,’ and other funny Google terms users searched to arrive at my blog

America runs on Dunkin'
America runs on Dunkin’

How did people who searched for the terms below arrive at my blog? I’ll never understand!

dunkin gives america the runs
what to say when someone is snooping in your diary
laura donovan makes santa clause figurines
who is the creeper who using drinking as an excuse to hit on other pe
teen girls daterange:2456232-2456261
go away i am watching gossip girl
the award for the worst boyfriend goes definitively to you.
how is it that there is no fucking way to watch 2 broke girls online
the princess diaries creepers
i am just sensation this is what he does to me takes my body and possess
milf castle
things to be learned at the age off 22
toilet bowl blood
rotten potatoes
high school cheerleaders oops
will you go out with me text
kinky fuckery how to enjoy
please don’t shush me and i won’t shush
who was the guy that played in good burger


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