My nephews have become my BFFs

Look, I know I’m biased. I think my nephews and nieces are just about the greatest people in the world and that little kids everywhere don’t hold a candle to them. Of course I’m going to view my relatives that way — but even you, outside party reader, must admit my 6-year-old nephew Sawyer has a big heart for giving me the key chain he won as my Christmas present.

Yesterday, I spent twelve hours with the boys. Ever the smart one, Sawyer knew to present me with my gift in the morning. He’d gotten a key chain from some sort of contest and chosen to give it to me, which was very convenient because I needed a chain for my new California house key.

From Sawyer

“Thanks, Sawyer! How did you know that was exactly what I needed?”

“I always know.”

After that, we got right to the silliness:

I'm so not a grown-up
I’m so not a grown-up




American Horror Story


In the midst of my mom’s move to the new place (which I adore, by the way), I dug up some old treasures. Is there anything cooler than Beauty and the Beast on VHS?!

Beauty and the Beast on VHS
Beauty and the Beast on VHS

And these:

Girl Scout camp 1999


Life is good this week, even though the rain is slowly but surely breaking my heart and Christmas is the last thing on my mind right now. That’s what growing up is all about, huh? Learning that things don’t magically improve simply because the holidays have arrived. Maybe next Christmas will be less rocky. Counting on it.


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